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It is repair-painting and decorating

In a life of each person, without dependence from the social status or a psychological condition, be it even the absolute nondrinker, there is a persuasive desire to make repair. And to escape from it it is almost impossible, even if at you a fine family and the magnificent government - in any case it is necessary to disentangle conceived independently. Our site is intended for those who has dared to make all repair work without an especial damage for own mentality and … a pocket.

Perhaps, it is necessary to begin with simple - obdiranija with walls obojnyh the rags which have remained still from last, old ancient repair which was spent when you were still the baby. We recommend to choose to start process completely not solar summer decked by paints with beaches and waves, and sad bezdelnuju winter. Well, at the worst, a late autumn, gloomy from bessnezhja - as a rule, during this period it is absolutely impossible to find to itself employment to liking, except viewing of the film novelties missed for a summer. And here - time till the most New Year's holidays perhaps will be passed away!

Usually deprivation of walls odezhki becomes in the long evenings by means of careful otmachivanija remains of wall-paper water. And, obojnyj spetsklej strives to absorb continually a moisture and even more strongly to seize a wall. One acquaintance has spent with it war by its methods - has deduced a hose from a shower and carefree poured over walls while from those vinyl panels did not begin to fall off. The victory has appeared full! But! We so to work categorically we do not recommend: neighbours from below then hardly have not hung up it on the same hose, despite protests and calls for help. Better antiquated methods - a sponge moistened with water: slowly, but it is intelligent.

So, when by repair mood already were a little recharged, we choose works more difficult. We lift eyes to the sky (without leaving apartment, it is natural) and it is visible - about, horror! - the grey-yellow smoked ceiling in divorces of the web spoiling all and all kinds on the advanced furniture and so forth to Clean a snare nasekomovoj tjuli a little. It is necessary to wash nevertheless a ceiling (see above as it becomes) and anew to plaster it. We dare to assure you, quality of plaster should be chosen besides independently for they it is rather separated.

There is a plaster two-layer, consisting of so-called "юсЁ№чур" (the building professional term) and "уЁѕэ=р" it is considered idle time monolithic, put, more often, on the levelled prepared surface in a panel structure. The first - filling all time of a surface a layer on which then the basis - a ground is put. More "яЁюфтшэѕ=№х" plasters consist of three and four layers added also "эръЁ№тъющ" which smoothes, levels all previous layers. The top-quality oshtukaturivanie is spent by a four-layer solution where there are two layers nakryvki. How plaster works and what solutions are made - will in details tell our site on corresponding pages.

In general, we will remind, painting and decorating is made in the direction of a sight - as though "ётхЁ§ѕ - тэшч" that is, lowering a sight from the bleached ceiling on walls, we realise that it would be necessary to think over, which stenovye clothes to hang indoors. The assortment is huge.

(The same as also ceilings, by the way) it is possible to get up Walls in wall-paper paper and vinyl, shelkograficheskie and under painting, and also glass. By the way, despite the fragile name, steklooboi do not fight, do not break, they are pleasant enough to the touch and remind more likely a fabric. They are made, as well as glass, of quartz sand, soda and limestone by fusion at heats (about 1200 degrees of Celsius).

And, the above-stated mix at some special factories on this sort of manufacturing of production today in the course of fusion at once turns to the most thin threads - fiber glass which, being extended, becomes threads. They are weaved among themselves, smoothly preobrazujas in stekloholst or into glass wall-paper.

This material concerns nonflammable finishing fabrics. For fun can argue with friends that now, directly at them will set fire svezheokleennuju one of these days to a wall - and it will not light up! Result safe. The wall not begins to burn, even if it very much it will want to someone. Experts assure, as if wear resistance such "=ърэш" on our times it is monstrous - 30 and more years! By the way, they not only monophonic, are cages and strips, drawings in any style, including in florets and lepestochkah.

But it is not necessary to limit a freedom in choosing to an ornament of walls sheet materials, let even the finest on quality! There are other variants. For example, alfrejnye works. It something an average between painting and art izyskami after which the premise in itself becomes a work of art, a certain display exhibit.

That there are, for example, the Venetian plasters which have got to the present in the heavy inheritance still from the Roman possession by the world! Then, those terrible years, aspired to build not only it is beautiful, but also forever. A material have chosen "юфшэ on тёх§" - the widespread and inexpensive marble. From it aspired to erect practically everything, on what the eye noble and not so the Roman - walls, floors, ceilings and ladders of buildings and constructions fell.

And, as sawed huge blocks, squared and polished preparations often and sometimes even melkovato (not only palaces to build, sometimes and cottages were more small erected), there was a marble dust and a crumb. And any ingenious Roman builder has guessed to use and it, mixing with izvestju (today - a dust of valuable breeds of a stone with slaked izvestju) and painting pigments and pounding (actually, here definition "т=шЁр " more approaches; or zapressovyvaja) on a surface.

In the course of works, one the set of thin colour stains of the covering is put on another so that unique drawing turns out. The master, having started to impose one layer, should assume already that will turn out as a result, that is here not to do without in any way spatial imagination and art taste.

Thus, it turns out as though tonkoslojnaja seamless marble (oniksovaja, malachite, granite, quartz - on the fan, depending on that will choose) a surface. This "°=ѕър=ѕЁъѕ" put on any designs, except, perhaps, tree and metal - cracks are by all means formed. The surface, as if shone from within as a result turns out. And, if to consider that on "тхэхчшрэъѕ" as a result impose the most thin layer of beeswax, the luminescence amplifies.

The Covering unique and durable. And, having promptings to creativity and certain drawing abilities, there is a chance to create the product written on fresh "тхэхчшрэъх" yet not filled in with wax, oil as did the master of Renaissance, or gouache as paint sometimes premises today.

To Fans of ecological cleanliness we will help to create own paint and varnish structures which quality is not worse at all factory that are on sale in supermarkets. We will learn to establish doors, handles and locks on them, to put glasses and to make other accompanying works. In a word, we will not leave you without council throughout all your repair!