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Alfrejnye of work (ch. 2)

Stuffing of drawings by means of cliches apply in living rooms on a surface of walls and ceilings after end of the basic painting works.

The Cliche is made of any dense material maintaining repeated humidifying by colourful structures. The picked up drawing transfer on a material by means of a transfer paper or a tracing-paper and cut out sharply perfected knife. That the cliche longer served, a paper or a cardboard follows proolifit, to varnish or an oil paint. If the conceived or selected drawing multi-colour for stuffing of each colour do a separate cliche. For this purpose drawing put on some sheets of paper and in each of them cut contours of drawing of one colour.

Drawing a brush-bench hammer of the small size with rigid short volosom Jams. For this purpose a cliche put to a surface on earlier noted horizontal lines, the left hand press to a surface, and right fill drawing. The paint is put by an end face of a semidamp brush.

At multi-colour stuffing for each colour is better to have a separate brush, and to put a new cliche it is possible only after full drying of the previous stuffing. Not to spoil drawing, work needs to be conducted without hurrying up, carefully wringing out a superfluous paint from a brush and constantly wiping a rag a cliche underside.

Drawing of drawing by the aerocount allows to gain other decorative effect different from previous, though the drawing also is put by means of a cliche. Using the aerocount, coverings can be carried out with smooth transitions that considerably expands decorative possibilities of this way.

For a decorative list a method aerografii are applicable aerographic kraskoraspyliteli (for example СО-6А) with a nozzle in diameter of 0,2-0,5 mm and compressors of small productivity.

Work as the aerocount comes nearer to is art-decorative and demands certain skills and taste. Therefore, before to start premise registration, it is necessary to be trained well on a paper.

There are some receptions of a decorative list by a method aerografii. For example, decorative drawing with the plane image when use a usual cliche with the image of any vegetative drawing. Apply a method of a return cliche when colour of drawing remains same, as well as the general background of a wall, and drawing at the expense of a dark background of other colour gradually losing a saturation is allocated, merging with colour of a wall. House painters of high qualification use simultaneously direct and return cliches that allows to receive impression of dimensions of drawing.

The Saturation colour of sites at a cliche contour is regulated by change of distance from a nozzle of the aerocount to a plane.

Nakatka is applied by relief platens at drawing drawing on the painted surface of a wall.

The relief platen Picked up for drawing fix in the machine tool in which the smooth platen from porous rubber or foam rubber is established. Platens should be densely pressed to each other.

The Paint put on the porous platen a brush. Then both platens are turned, that the paint has passed to the platen with a pattern. Drawing put vertical movements from top to down. The front page is better nakatat on the vertical line noted by a plumb and namelennym by a cord.

Rolling each new strip, the platen put to a surface the same point-label which is on each platen.

The platens blocked with the tank for a paint are very convenient in work. The relief platen is thus moistened with painting structure two platens located in a tank.

Difficult multi-coloured drawing is rolled by means of a set of platens with consecutive nakatkoj kolerom different colour.

Cutting under a tree, more often under an oak, is more rare in imitation walnut or the mahogany is carried out on well prepared surface by oil or glutinous structures.

At cutting under an oak in the beginning put the first paint layer which name a ground. It should be the light yellow (light brown) colour simulating the most light sites of wood. For priming structure it is possible to use ohru golden (150 with small amount addition umbry and zinc whitewash (1 kg). After the ground will dry out, put nakryvochnyj more dark layer. For reception of such colour use or natural umbru or ohru golden (1 kg) with addition bolshego quantities (150) umbry. Right after drawings process a nakryvochnyj layer a brush-rashlestkoj having long pile, extending on the end. With its help protsarapyvajut the top layer to a ground; the thin light wavy lines simulating fibres of wood turn out. For creation of drawing of annual rings use a steel or rubber crest, which protsarapyvajut wider strips.

Relief furnish is carried out on oil or glutinous shpatlevke by rigid platens with a pattern. SHpatlevku put on a finished surface a layer of 3-4 mm. That it did not give usadki, it is good to enter besides a chalk others napolniteli - a marble flour, ground limestone in quantity to 50% of volume of a mix. That the platen at nakatke did not stick

To a surface, it moisten with water if process oil shpatlevku, or turpentine - if glutinous. After shpatlevka with the put drawing will dry up, it ground and paint oil or vodoemulsionnymi paints. Such kind of furnish simulates linkrust, and it is better to use at lobby or hall registration.