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Alfrejnye of work

To alfrejnym to works carry various kinds of art furnish of surfaces. They include vytjagivanie panels, nabryzg, tortsevanie the painted surfaces, stuffing of drawings on a cliche, etc. (fig. 24).

Vytjagivanie of panels is applied to division of the surfaces painted in various colours, narrow colour strips. They help to hide roughnesses which often turn out in joints between raznookrashennymi surfaces. Panels put special filenchatoj a brush or by means of a cliche.

Before the work beginning it is necessary to beat off a panel line. Then, having dipped a brush into a paint, movement from left to right spend a strip. Pressing of a brush and a corner of its inclination thus should not vary. After that a ruler move to the right and prolong a strip. To receive a panel of identical width on all its length without joints and curvatures uneasy, preliminary it is necessary to be trained.

Alfrejnye of work: and - vytjagivanie panels; - nakatka ealikom; in - cutting of a surface by means of the fur platen, g - cutting of a surface by a rigid brush; d - stuffing of drawing by means of a cliche

a Fig. 24. Alfrejnye works :
And - vytjagivanie panels; - nakatka the platen; in - cutting of a surface by means of the fur platen, g - cutting of a surface by a rigid brush; d - stuffing of drawing by means of a cliche

It is necessary to mean also that the colourful structure for vytjagivanija should be more liquid than panels, however more viscous, viscous. For this purpose in glutinous structure add a few waters with the dissolved sugar, treacle, grain kvass, etc. The oil paint is diluted by solvents.

Stuffing of panels on a cliche is less difficult, however is more long, as it is necessary to do breaks in work for drying of the previous line. In this connection by means of a cliche it is possible to fill panels mainly water paints.

For cliche manufacturing the dense material from which cut out sheet in length 450-500 and width 150 200 mm is required. In it by means of a sharp knife the strip in length 350-400 and 5-15 mm is cut through width. Technics of performance of panels same, as at stuffing of drawings on a cliche (it is stated more low).

Nabryzg allows to receive a bitmap different on colour on the painted surface. Put its rigid brush, a brush, a spray or kraskoraspylitelem.

At nabryzge a brush dip into colourful structure, wring out about capacity edge then brush blows about wooden rejku, kept in horizontal position near to a wall, put splashes. Thus it is necessary to watch, that rejka constantly was equally spaced from a wall, and movement of a hand and force of blow were identical.

It is possible to use also rigid odezhnuju a brush. On distance of 10-15 sm from a wall hold a brush moistened in a paint, and on it spend a wooden lath, putting splashes on a wall.

At application of a spray or kraskoraspylitelja for reception nabryzga preliminary it is necessary to adjust distance to a wall.

In some cases for nabryzga apply the same koler, as to a surface, but more sated with a pigment.

At nabryzge in some paints it is necessary to select the colours combined with each other carefully. Dark or very bright colours, as a rule, put smaller splashes.

As shows experiment, the white background is well combined with nabryzgom a dark blue or cherry paint, green - with ohroj with chalk addition, dark blue - with dark blue nabryzgom, and ohristyj a background-with brown. Sometimes for nabryzga use aluminium or bronze powder which well look against ultramarine and light-red colour.

The Similar effect can be received and by means of so-called tupovki. It is carried out after drying of the basic painting layer by a special brush-tupovkoj, rubber, porolonovoj or a natural sponge which after wetting by a paint nestle with easy pressing on the painted surface. The bitmap of other colour is as a result formed.

Tortsevanie the painted surfaces is used for reception of a matte surface. It is reached at blows by a brush or a brush on svezhenanesennomu to a painting layer. For tortsevanija oil and synthetic colouring the bristle should be short and rigid, for glutinous and longer and soft.

At processing of oil and synthetic colourings blows by a brush-tortsovkoj put perpendicularly svezheokrashennoj surfaces. Thus in the same place it is not necessary to strike two times. This kind of furnish well hides brush traces, become numb also other defects of colouring. Oil colouring under tortsovku should be carried out more dense structures, than usual, not intended under tortsovku.

The Surfaces painted by a glutinous paint, tortsujut at once after its drawing. If colouring dries up, at tortsevanii there can be a separation of a painting layer from a first coat.