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the balcony or loggia Equipment

That the balcony or a loggia were convenient for rest in the open air, the house master can equip additionally it according to the taste. First of all, it is necessary to put in order a floor. The ferro-concrete plate covered with a cement-sandy coupler, does not allow to receive pure obespylennoj a surface. Most simple - to paint a plate with weatherproof paints: pentaftalevymi, alkidnymi, kremnijorganicheskimi, having in the index the first figure 1 (for example, ПФ-115). Preliminary it is necessary to wash up and dry up a surface well, separate hollows, otkoly, etc. zashpatlevat a cement-sandy solution with addition PVAE, a surface to ground the paint dissolved with corresponding solvent and to dry up within 24 hours. It is necessary to consider that paints for external works though can be in operation in the open air without loss of the initial qualities within 4-5 years, are not calculated, however, on istiranie at their operation as a paint for a floor. Therefore it is expedient to put a rug from straws, rubbers, etc. That considerably will prolong covering service life.

More conveniently in operation a covering from ceramic glazurovannyh or neglazurovannyh tiles. Many use this covering, however do it not always successfully. If the preference is given glazurovannym to ceramic tiles, it is better to aspire to get melkorazmernye tiles - 45X45, 65X120 mm. Such tiles, as a rule, are more thin and, hence, easier. Besides, thanks to seams between tiles, the covering will not be slippery as it happens at facing krupnorazmernymi glazurovannymi plates. Do not suit a floor covering glazurovannye tiles in the size 150X150 the mm intended for internal facing of walls of a bathroom, kitchen, etc. The same concerns and tiles for a floor in premises with damp processes. The crock of those and other tiles is not calculated on operation in the conditions of variable freezing and moisture thawing during the winter period of year. It is not necessary to aspire to the device of a multi-colour covering. The area of a balcony plate, as a rule, small, and performance of every possible patterns on a floor in this case does not allow to reach desirable effect.

Because a surface of a balcony plate not always equal enough, on it it is necessary to make levelling coupler of a cement-sandy solution of structure 1:3-4 in the thickness of 15-20 mm. The technology of the device of a cement-sandy coupler and floor facing by separate tiles is resulted in section " Facing яыш=ърьш". At coupler performance it is necessary to provide an insignificant bias towards a protection that on a floor water from a rain or the thawn snow was not late. If in a balcony protection special drainage systems are provided (for example, in deaf ferro-concrete screens of a protection of balconies), in these parts the surface of tiles is necessary for underestimating.

Melkorazmernaja a tile sometimes is issued pasted on a paper in the form of carpets. Such carpets or from fight of ceramic tiles can be made of tiles most. For this purpose it is necessary to get a dense brown paper and glue which even after shvatyvanija can be dissolved water - animal, flour, mochevinoformaldegidnyj. The structure of the last includes pitch MF (79% on weight), 10%-s' solution of glue KMTS (20%) and 10%-s' solution of chloride ammonium (1%). Splinters of ceramic tiles need to be picked up or identical for colour, or several colours which after gluing alternately will allow to receive a uniform motley carpet. Splinters should have an identical thickness to receive an equal surface of furnish. It is desirable to straighten and polish also too sharp and jagged sides for formation of equal seams. The prepared paper stack on the equal basis, grease with glue and start packing of tiles obverse (glazurovannoj) the party downwards. After glue will dry up, carpets are ready to use. A coupler site on which the mosaic carpet will keep within, protsarapyvajut superficial grooves, clear of a dust, moisten and put a layer of a liquid cement-sandy solution of structure in 1: 3-4 thickness of 4-5 mm. After that on it stack a carpet a paper upwards and press to a coupler a lung postukivaniem. The paper of carpets before packing is recommended to be pierced or cut in some places on seams that will allow to leave to air from under carpets during them nastilki.

At packing of carpets the cement mortal should fill all seams between tiles to what the paper humidified in seams will testify. In two-three days after nastilki a surface of mosaic carpets moisten with water, razmokshuju a paper delete, and a surface carefully wipe and wash out. If seams in some places nevertheless were not filled with a solution, on this place impose a few solution and rub clean a mitten or rags.

The Furniture used for the equipment of a balcony or a loggia, should differ ease, simplicity of a design, firmness to atmospheric influences and to be collapsible. Little tables on a balcony or a loggia can be made folding and hinged. The folding little table is convenient that in a non-working condition it takes not enough place and, besides, on its installation not enough time is required; the demountable hinged is less convenient, as demands a special place for storage. For manufacturing of a folding little table it is necessary to get drevesnostruzhechnuju a plate in the size 600X400 the mm, revetted with two parties bumazhno-layered plastic or painted by weatherproof enamels, and also bruski section 40X40 and 30X40 mm, sheet of plywood in the size (300-350) H (400-450) mm and rojalnye loops. The folding little table is arranged at a wall. For this purpose on its surface mark a place of its installation - more often at height of 75 sm from a floor. At table-top level spend a horizontal line in length of 600 mm on which along the edges and in the centre shljamburom or a manual drill make nests for installation of wooden stoppers or plastic djubelej. Nests wash out water, establish stoppers and attach to them wooden rejku section 40X40 and length 600 mm. Then perpendicularly horizontally fixed rejke from below on the centre make two nests for installation of stoppers on distance of 50 mm from rejki. To stoppers fix the wide party rejku section 30X40 in the length 400 mm. To one of long sides drevesnostruzhechnoj a plate intended for a cover of a table, screws in length of 20-30 mm attach rojalnuju a loop in the length equal to length of a plate. On an underside of a plate screws two parallel rejki section 15X15 fix in the length 100-120 mm with distance between them of 8-10 mm. The cover of a little table prepared thus a free shutter of a loop attach to horizontal rejke. After that in the thickness of 6-8 mm cut out a folding support from a piece of plywood in the form of a triangle, which one party 280, and another - 400 mm. To bolshej to the party of the made support also attach rojalnuju a loop, which free shutter krepjat to vertical rejke. The folding support can rotate every which way, and at its installation in position perpendicularly to a wall is fixed between two in parallel located rejkami. If a support to turn in parallel a wall, the table cover will fall, having covered a support. In connection with that that vertical rejka on 10 mm is more thin horizontal, the triangular support does not prevent to occupy to a little table cover vertical position. The design of such little table is simple and reliable.

The Demountable little table, unlike folding, is hung on a balcony or loggia protection. In case of need it remove and hide in a convenient place so that it did not occupy a balcony useful area.

Variants of the device of elements of the equipment of a balcony or a loggia: and - metal to a tube with rings; - a folding lattice; in - a demountable bar

a Fig. 49. Variants of the device of elements of the equipment of a balcony or a loggia :
And - metal to a tube with rings; - a folding lattice; in - a demountable bar

For its manufacturing it is possible to use same drevesnostruzhechnuju a plate in the size 600X400 the mm, revetted with bumazhno-layered plastic or painted by waterproof enamels. Besides, it is necessary to cut out two metal strips in the sizes: length 750-800, width 25-20 and a thickness of 2-3 mm. On distance from the end both strips bend of 350 mm at right angle. Then, having measured 250 more mm, bend again at right angle, but in the opposite direction. After that, having measured width of a hand-rail of a protection of a balcony or a loggia and having added 5-10 mm, bend the strip rest downwards at right angle so that the hook covering a hand-rail of a protection has turned out. On long scraps of strips stack a plate, symmetrically having marked an arrangement of strips, bore through apertures and attach it from the back party screws the in length of 15 mm. Also it is necessary to paint metal strips tone of furnish of a plate. If a balcony or loggia protection trellised, perpendicularly cover of a table attach a filter from the same plate or from plywood and paint under colour of furnish of a plate. A necessary element of the equipment are folding-chairs or the chairs combined with a box for storage of seasonal things.

Many problems are created also by linen drying, especially when the balcony or a loggia leaves on the main street. There are many devices for drying of linen which are located more low or at level of a hand-rail of a protection. They should be demountable or transformed. For example, it can be the kapron cords attached to rings which, in turn, are put on metal tubes. Tubes are fixed to a wall and to a protection on each side a balcony or a loggia. In need of a ring with cords move closely to a protection or are moved apart on all area of a balcony. For the same purpose it is possible to adapt a demountable bar or an elevating lattice (fig. 49).