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the Basic defects of painting works and ways of their elimination

The Principal cause of occurrence of defects by manufacture of painting works consists in non-observance of a compounding and technology of painting. For example, at glutinous colouring occurs so-called melenie paints, i.e. The dried up paint spoils at a touch to it. As a rule, it occurs because of a lack of glue of its structure. Unfortunately, in this case to help already anything it is impossible. A unique exit - to wash off a paint and again to paint a surface, having made koler it is exact under the recipe.

The Excessive quantity of glue, on the contrary, leads rastreskivaniju and otslaivaniju films. Otslaivanie can occur also that colouring was carried out on old plaster, on a thick layer before the put paint, on weak shpatlevke or on crude old nabelam. Besides, the backlog reason repeated drawing of painting layers on the same place, and also because of excessive density of a paint can be. These defects also are subject to elimination.

Stains on the painted surface arise in connection with its non-uniform drying. That it has not occurred, it is necessary to avoid draughts: the paint should dry at the closed windows and a door.

There are cases of occurrence of stains of the round form, caused by a mould. Mould fungi eat the organic substances containing in a paint - glue, starch. Such premise should be aired well, and stains to paint over. If the premise has the raised humidity, is badly shined and poorly aired, i.e. There is a probability of occurrence of a mould it is necessary to apply structures to its colouring on the synthetic binding.

One of the most widespread reasons of occurrence of stains is bad preparation of the surface which various sites have different water-absorbing ability. It can be the places puttied by a plaster solution, badly cleared of fatty stratifications, etc. Therefore at all it is not necessary to paint a surface without a priming coat.

"рцрт№х" stains which appear at leakings or infiltration of resinous substances of oven gases, it is necessary to wash out 3%-s' solution of hydrochloric acid, to cover with a nitrovarnish and to paint.

Strip Occurrence testifies that dry pigments in colourful structure have badly mixed up. Same it is observed and at bad shading of a paint on a surface. Such sites should be recoloured completely.

At elimination of defects it is better to recolour all wall as to pick up new koler for painting of a stain or a small site even at careful dispensing of components, as a rule, it is not possible.

Brush Traces on the painted surface are visible in that case when it was applied too dense koler. Such painting is subject smyvke.

The Granular painted surface testifies to badly wiped and insufficiently filtered painting structure. Such surface it is necessary proshlifovat pumice, about-mylovarit and anew to paint.

Begin to flow also splashes on a surface appear after colouring by too liquid structure. If at drawing koler loses the initial colour, means have applied neshchelochestojkie painting pigments which fade under the influence of strong mylovarnogo or kuporosnogo a ground. For elimination of such defects full alteration of all painting also is required.

On not quite dried out plaster it is impossible to apply Oil and film-forming structures to colouring, because they create the dense film interfering evaporation of a moisture from a plaster layer. As a result the paint exfoliates from a surface. Unlike a glutinous paint, correction of defects on separate sites in this case is possible. Emulsionnye structures create a porous colourful film which does not interfere with removal of a moisture from plaster and consequently does not exfoliate.

If it is necessary to paint on crude plaster, shpatlevochnye on vegetative or animal glue it is impossible to apply structures, because glue under the influence of surplus of a moisture rots and on the painted surface there are stains. In this case it is better to apply izvestkovo-plaster shpaklevku.

Occurrence of matte stains on painting can be a consequence of a lack of drying oil of a paint.

Humidity of air also negatively influences quality of works: hair cracks, especially on the varnished surface are formed.

Komkovatost of oil paints is possible because of the big maintenance knitting in a paint, or in connection with its bad quality.