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the bathroom Equipment

Many house masters in a bathroom establish a mirror after facing end. Thus, as a rule, it krepjat how and in a usual premise. However, because in a bathroom constantly raised humidity of air, and the moisture direct hit is frequent also, the mirror within two-three years becomes unfit for use. Therefore in its bathroom it is better to establish in the course of facing, carefully closing up places of its interfaces to a tile that does not give possibility to get to a moisture and steams on the back party of a mirror. Do it thus.

Before to order a mirror in studio, it is necessary to mark well (to line literally) a wall on tiles taking into account a thickness of seams. Then define the desirable size of a mirror and its placing on a wall so that on length and width of its side coincided with sides of tiles, and between a mirror and facing there was a seam which thickness is equal to a thickness of seams between tiles.

Only after such careful marking the mirror can be ordered in a workshop, and in the meantime to be engaged in facing of a bathroom by tiles.

If the mirror has apertures and the special nickelized cone-shaped nuts with fixing anchors, it is necessary to punch nests in a wall for their fastening. Anchors, both in a brick wall, and in the concrete establish on a cement mortal with addition of glue PVA, carefully verifying distance between their centres which should be equal to distance centre to centre apertures in a mirror.

To Hang a mirror on strengthened thus ankernye bolts follows not earlier, than in three days.

Before naveshivaniem mirrors put flat cakes on a wall surface from a cement-sandy solution of structure (1:3) - (1:4) with distance from each other 40-50 mm. After that take a polyethylene film of more mirror on 30-40 mm on perimetre and put it to the back party of a mirror. At naveshivanii mirrors it is necessary to watch, that the film was not crumpled, and the mirror has densely nestled on the wall basis. Well pressed mirror will crumple flat cakes, having distributed a solution on a surface in regular intervals, and after solution hardening will lie on ideally equal plane.

The Polyethylene film will protect a protective layer from an underside of a mirror from destruction by the alkaline environment and a moisture. Mirrors of edge of a film acting on perimetre accurately cut off an edge or a sharp knife, and a seam between a mirror and tiles close up a cement-sandy solution of structure 1:4 with addition of a small amount of glue PVA.

If the mirror is fixed with the help skob, in places of their installation it is necessary to drill apertures-nests and to insert plastic djubelja or to hammer in wooden stoppers, having greased with their glue PVA. Skoby krepjat to stoppers by means of zinced or kadmirovannyh screws.

The Important element of a bathroom is the screen closing a forward board of a bath. Often it arrange from a brick with the subsequent facing by a tile or other material by which walls are finished. That over a bathroom it was convenient to bend, in the bottom part of a wall do deepening by depth of 100-120 mm. For this purpose the brick first row stack on an edge along a bathroom, and the following number flatwise tychkami forward so that the forward part of bricks hanged down on 100-120 mm, and back rested against a bathroom, interfering with its overturning. After that following numbers stack also on an edge up to a bathroom board, using, if it is necessary, halves and brick quarters.

That the plane of a forward wall did not support bath limits, a laying mark by means of a plumb. For this purpose a plumb cord put to edge of a board of a bathroom and on a floor do a mark from which deep into measure 100 mm and spend a line parallel to a bath. Here there will be a laying first row.

Zaglublenie for feet arrange also by means of a metal strip or a corner stacked on bricks on two ends of a bath.

However at the device of the screen from a brick it is necessary to remember that sooner or later it is necessary to punch an aperture for cleaning or siphon and modulation repair. Therefore in the bottom part of a wall it is necessary to leave an aperture in the size 30X30 - 45X45 mm. Sometimes such aperture leave opened, sometimes arrange dverku from metal or bumazhno-layered plastic, but is better to make a demountable cover. It cut out from asbestotsementnogo sheet on the size of an aperture, and on an obverse surface paste facing tiles a tse-mentno-sandy solution of structure 1:3 with addition PVA, glue "…ѕё=шыр=" "+ѕьшыръё" etc. In two or three points on aperture perimetre to wooden bruskam attach magnetic latches, and metal elements of a latch attach to asbestotsementnomu to sheet, and thus the cover closes an aperture.

Quite often forward board of a bath arrange from a welded metal frame from corners 45X45 mm. For rigidity the frame is supplied by intermediate racks from corners. A frame tighten melkojacheistoj a metal grid with the sizes of apertures from 5 to 10 mm over which throw a cement-sandy solution of structure (1:3) - (1:4). After shvatyvanija a solution (in two-three days) start facing of a surface of the screen by tiles.

However it is necessary to notice that the device of a forward wall of a bath does not allow to use in the specified ways space under it. Therefore ways of the device of sliding and demountable screens are more low resulted.

The First of them represents two sheets laminated (revetted with bumazhno-layered plastic) wood-fiber plates, bakelizirovannoj plywood, polypropylene, etc., the length of each of which is equal to half of length of a bath plus of 30-50 mm, and width - to distance from a floor to a board of a bath a minus of 30-40 mm. On a floor and under a bath board establish bruski in the size 30X20 the mm covered with drying oil and painted by an oil paint to which attach the plastic directing. In directing (as sliding glasses in regiments for books) establish sheets to which attach handles.

The demountable screen made of sheet asbestotsementa, the laminated wood-fiber plate or bumazhno-layered plastic on a metal skeleton from corners 25X25X4 mm Is of interest also.

The Length and screen height corresponds to bath dimensions.

the Demountable screen of a forward board of a bathroom: and – screen installation; – a screen general view; in – a jack; g – a box general view under a bathroom; 1 bath; 2 – the screen from asbestotsementnogo sheet, tsementnostruzhechnoj a plate and other materials; 3 – a corner 75x75x5; 4 – a corner 25X25X4; 5 – bolt М12 with a cone-shaped head

a Fig. 48. The demountable screen of a forward board of a bathroom :
And – screen installation; – a screen general view; in – a jack; g – a box general view under a bathroom;
1 bath; 2 – the screen from asbestotsementnogo sheet, tsementnostruzhechnoj a plate and other materials; 3 – a corner 75x75x5; 4 – a corner 25X25X4; 5 – bolt М12 with a cone-shaped head;

On distance of 300 mm from the screen ends attach To the bottom corner of a frame bolts two raspornyh an element (jack), made of corner pieces 75X75X5 mm in length of 50 mm. In the bottom shelf raspornogo an element the aperture in diameter of 12 mm with a carving is bored through. In an aperture the head downwards screws up bolt Ml 2 (the head is turned in the form of a cone). The frame is got under a board of a bath and held apart by means of screws of jacks between a floor and a board a wrench. In the same way in case of need the screen acts in film.

For use of useful volume under a bathroom it is possible to arrange regiments. Usually do a uniform shelf-frame in the size on a bath which lateral walls have the trapezoid form with expansion from top to bottom. As a back wall of such shelves the forward board of a bathroom serves. Intermediate regiments, in turn, increase on width from top to down (fig. 48).

In the present section some examples of the device of the screens closing a forward board of a bath are resulted. Practically quantity of various decisions of similar screens beyond all bounds. Each house master can make it on the taste.