painting and decorating is repair-painting and decorating repair and painting and decorating repair and furnish furnish and repair

Plotnichnye, glass and hardware works

Furnish of apartment or the individual house cannot be begun, without having finished plotnichnye, glass and hardware works as after their performance necessarily there are sites with the damaged plaster or painting. For example, after replacement of glass, installation of a new door-lock, etc. Restoration of a painting layer, and after repair of a window or door box - plaster repair is required. To plotnichnym to works concern also manufacturing podmostej or kozelkov for plaster, painting and other works.

In this section the basic materials and products, tools and stock which are necessary for getting prior to the beginning of works are resulted, and also ways of processing of wood, interface of elements from it which will necessarily be necessary at repair of apartment or house building are described.