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Colouring (ch. 2)

Kazeinovye structures are much stronger than glutinous paints and are characterised by a soft matte surface.

For preparation of a paint of 10 l take 5 l of 10%-s' solutions kazeinovogo glue and at fast hashing enter 150 g drying oils before formation emulsii. In prepared in advance cretaceous paste with a pigment, gradually stirring slowly, pour in received emulsiju.

At work with kazeinovymi paints it is necessary to watch a structure consistence. Surplus of water can lead to formation potekov on surfaces, and surplus of glue - to wrinkles.

Limy painting structures prepare from the limy test, salt and water.

For preparation kolera 3 kg of the limy test plant 6 l of water. For the purpose of prevention melenija a limy covering into structure enter 0,1 kg of the salt diluted in 0,5 l of water. In the received solution add water to 10 l.

Color limy structures are applied ogranichenno because few pigments can be used in a combination with izvestju. Mineral pigments concern them, such as ohra, soot, a sienna natural, umbra, etc.

Vodoemulsionnye of a paint ВА-17, ВА-27, ВА-27ПГ (polivinilatsetatnye), and also КН-26А and КН-26 use (styrene-butadienovye) for colouring of the plastered and concrete surfaces, wooden elements, DVP, DSP etc.

Polivinilatsetatnye put structures without a preliminary first coat. It is most suitable shpatlevka on the basis of PVAE, however it is possible to apply and structures under oil paints.

For painting in house conditions is better to use the platen. Before colouring by a brush-bench hammer it is necessary to make otvodku at a ceiling and a plinth, and also to paint internal corners of a premise.

Vodoemulsionnymi cannot be covered with paints the surfaces painted by glutinous paints, and also processed by the first coats intended under glutinous paints.

To Paint oil, enamel and nitropaints it is possible only after drying of the prepared surface.

As paints buy long before repair, their structure changes a little: pigments with napolniteljami settle downwards, and binding emerges upwards. Therefore the paint before the use is necessary for mixing carefully. For this purpose it is possible to take advantage of an electrodrill, having inserted into it mixer specially prepared from a wire.

That the oil paint at storage did not dry up, on its surface it is possible to put a circle from a dense paper and to fill in with its thin layer of drying oil. It will prevent as well film formation on a paint surface.

Colouring of surfaces by not water paints make brushes, platens or kraskoraspyliteljami. A paint on a surface put thin layers for two-three times, and everyone the subsequent only after full drying previous. If a paint to put a thick layer, it after drying will become covered by cracks or wrinkles, besides, the paint will flow down on a surface, forming hillocks and roughnesses.

At a choice of the tool for work it is necessary to mean that small surfaces can be painted mahovymi brushes, wooden products - windows, doors, platbands - brushes-bench hammers. A brush dip into a paint on half of length of hair, and surpluses of a paint wring out about capacity edge. At first it is necessary to put a paint on a surface fat zigzag strips, otstojashchimi from each other on small distance. After on a brush does not remain the paints put on a wall of a strip shade the same brush in a cross-section direction, and then - from top to down. Such reception allows to avoid admissions and paint stratifications.

If for any reason there is no brush, to paint with oil paints it is possible with the help porolonovoj a sponge fixed in derzhake from a tin, it is easily possible to replace the worn out sponge new.

At colouring of window covers, door boxes, cloths and plinths it is necessary to pay special attention on quality of preparation of a surface. Window covers, door cloths and platbands it is necessary zashpatlevat, to cover with a paint coat. After the first painting all defects which have been not noticed in the course of polishing will immediately be shown. Therefore after full drying of the first painting layer the arisen cracks and dents it is necessary zashpatlevat and to process an emery paper. After that it is necessary to paint products for two times. Latches, handles, etc. Elements before colouring to remove.

Not to soil a wall at colouring of windows it is necessary to use the cardboard, plywood or tin guard put in places of colouring shtapikov. This guard is necessary for using at colouring of plinths and platbands.

Before colouring on a contour it is possible to paste over windowpanes with a gluing tape, paper strips on soap water, etc.

For colouring of hard-to-reach spots it is possible to make special derzhak of the tube bent under the necessary corner into which the brush is inserted.