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Councils for choice paints for furnish

The Choice of paints for furnish of premises depends on many factors, namely: from appointment of a premise, its orientation, a proportion, and also colour of available furniture, curtains, and other elements of the equipment of an interior. Therefore, before to be engaged in acquisition of paint and varnish materials, it is necessary to think over carefully a colour score of interiors of apartment or house which substantially depends on specific features and taste of tenants. Our recommendations contain only the basic requirements which are necessary for considering at a choice of painting coverings.

Appointment of premises plays the major role at a choice, both a material, and colour of colouring. For the general room, a bedroom, children's, an office is better to apply glutinous paints. In these premises living in the house spend a considerable part of time, therefore application of other paints forming air-tight films, can lead to infringement air-vlazhnostnogo a mode. Oil, enamel, vodoemulsionnymi paints it is possible to paint walls in kitchen, bathing, forward, kladovkah and other subsidiary premises. It is necessary to apply the weatherproof paints specially intended for external works to external furnish of the house. At colour selection it is necessary to consider that the general room frequently serves as vacation spot and dialogue of members of a family, viewing of telecasts, music listening, etc. Therefore the general colour colour of walls can be sated, with the bright drawing which size gets out depending on the premise area. Such decision in this case justifies that stay of people in the general room, as a rule, short, and bright colours promote good, to high spirits. Such colours concern red-brown, crimson, dark green, green-brown, ohristye and golden. It is necessary to avoid lilac, dark blue, blue, etc. Tones which at evening light become grey, inexpressive.

At colouring of walls in offices it is possible to prefer the green or brown tones operating on the person soothingly, promoting creation of working mood.

The Children's room, as a rule, focused on the east, the southeast and the south, can dare in light blue, light-lilac or any light tones. Such decision will well be co-ordinated with colour of furniture for children's premises which should be light, bright, with colour inserts.

Blue and greenish tone it is necessary to apply at colouring of walls of a bedroom. The same colour scale can be used at furnish of one- and two-room apartments in which usually the berth is combined with a place for employment. The kitchen serves in many houses simultaneously and a dining room. In a modern interior at the kitchen-dining room decision refuse the monotonous white colour reminding laboratory, and widely apply a colour score expressed in a contrast combination of colour of walls, the kitchen equipment and furniture. So, at white surfaces of a refrigerator, kitchen cases, plates, etc. The bright materials sated on colour are preferable to walls and a floor.

Can be and the return decision - white walls in a combination to colour cases, a plate, a sink. The great value for a kitchen colour score is played also by ware, ceramics, kitchen accessories regiments.

It is necessary to consider orientation and light exposure of premises also. The rooms leaving on the north, it is necessary to paint in warm colours - golden-yellow, ohristye, light-beige, light orange, and rooms with southern orientation - in cold tone which concern blue, greenish-blue, etc.

In premises with insufficient natural illumination it is necessary to use light, warm colours - orange-yellow, yellow, green, chartreuse, improving light exposure of premises.

Not less the great value at a colour choice has the size of a premise. The rooms painted in blue, light green, violet colours or their shades will seem more spacious. Yellow, orange or red colours, on the contrary, visually reduce premises. Using these properties of colours, it is possible to improve proportions of premises visually: having painted in very high room a ceiling warm colour, it is possible to reduce premise height visually.