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the Device of floors from materials on the basis of wood

One of the most widespread coverings of a floor is the piece parquet. It lay or on the cement-sandy basis, or on a continuous board flooring. Depending on it ways of the device of floors from a piece parquet differ also. On a cement-sandy coupler parquet laths paste cold mastics. The coupler is arranged according to the recommendations resulted earlier at the device of floors from linoleum.

A coupler Surface before nastilkoj well dry, clear of a dust and ground mastic. The most widespread mastic is bitumen which prepares from oil bitumen of mark БН-111 in number of 75,5 parts on weight, gasoline - 21,5 parts and rosin - 3 parts. It prepare in metal ware with which at cooking it is recommended to impose with a brick. To do it is better on a court yard, far from fire-dangerous places. The measured portion of bitumen crumble on small slices and fall asleep in capacity for cooking so that it has filled three quarters of its capacity. Bitumen plavjat on fire until it will not cease to foam that testifies that it is completely dehydrated. Then in it place rosin, watching that it was completely dissolved and has well mixed up. After that capacity remove from fire, allow to it to cool down to order temperature 80° and then small doses pour in gasoline, carefully mixing a mix.

Other structure of cold mastic includes bitumen of mark БН-IV in number of 65 parts on weight, uajt-spirita - 22, turpentine - 4, rubber glue - 2 and cement - 7 parts. For its preparation as well as in the previous case fall asleep bitumen in capacity on three quarters of its capacity, cook on fire to a water total disappearance, then enter cement and carefully mix a mix. After its cooling to 70-80°Р in a mix pour in uajt-spirit and turpentine, and then rubber glue, carefully all mixing.

For gluing of parquet laths at floor repair it is possible to use mastic КН-2, kazeinovyj glue, etc.

Nastilku of a parquet begin from a wall for what the ends pristennyh parquet laths along the edges should be cut off at an angle 45°. The First row of laths paste strictly at an angle 45° with observance of a small backlash from the edge of a wall equal 1,5-2 see But do it not at once: in the beginning collect dry a link majachnoj fur-trees (5-6 laths), and then transfer it on mastic. This link will serve as a beacon in the same way as it was described at facing by tiles of walls and floors. On majachnoj to a fur-tree along a wall pull a cord, pour a strip mastic and level its comb a layer of 1-1,5 mm. The mastic strip on some centimetres more widely majachnoj fur-trees that will allow to avoid not pasted laths should turn out. Then, beginning from a beacon, stack on a cord on mastic of a lath of the first row along all wall. That majachnaja the fur-tree has not moved in the course of packing of the first and second numbers, it raskrepljajut wooden klinyshkami, stacked between extreme laths and a wall.

Last number of laths at an opposite wall (at end of a covering of a floor) stack with podrezkoj, leaving 1,5-2,0 sm of a backlash between a lath and a wall. Fix a parquet the same as and majachnuju a fur-tree. Processing of an obverse surface of a covering of a floor start after three days.

The Way of packing of a piece parquet on the wooden basis by means of nails can be applied and for nastilki a parquet on the concrete basis, preliminary having arranged on it a wooden flooring from boards in the thickness not less than 35 mm and width no more than 120 mm. That the basis was rigid, the distance between logs should be not less than 800 mm. Boards should be well ostrogany and are adjusted.

The Simple flooring of parquet laths "т хыъѕ" it is carried out in such sequence. First of all lay majachnuju a fur-tree. For this purpose the floor basis divide on two equal parts and in the middle of a premise pull a cord on the nails hammered into the basis. On this cord, preliminary having laid surfaces a paper, lay two majachnyh of some laths at an angle 90° so that in the same row the first lath has been laid by a groove to the following stacked lath, and in other to a number a crest outside. That the backlash between basis boards did not coincide with face edges of a parquet that can lead to covering easing at hit of fixing nails in a crack, preliminary (in front of the device majachnogo a number) it is necessary to mark an arrangement of numbers of laths a trial apportion, shifting laths in this or that party.

Majachnaja a fur-tree is laid correctly in that case when the left number of laths is under a cord, and corners of parquet laths - in the area of a cord. After that the left foot press the first pair of laths and nail up to the basis. Then beat the subsequent steams of laths. Thus the right and left numbers majachnoj lay fur-trees consistently, alternately fixing on one lath. In the beginning laths rally hammer blows on a longitudinal edge, and then on face then each lath is nailed up to the basis in length 40 and diameter by 1,6-1,8 mm (on one nail in a face groove or on two-three nails - in longitudinal). Nails hammer into a groove three blows: first (lung) nazhivljajut it, the second (stronger), exhaust to a groove, and the third with the help dobojnika utaplivajut a hat to the full in a groove.

Drawing "т хыъѕ" - one of the most widespread. However in the same way it is possible to stack a parquet squares, rhombuses, etc.

Floors with a covering from parquet boards stack on logs under which enclose sound-proof linings. Logs stack in parallel each other, having them is perpendicular to light direction. The distance between longitudinal axes a log should not exceed 400 mm. Couplers a log of adjacent numbers have vrazbezhku.

Logs do of a seasoned wood of coniferous and deciduous breeds (except for a linden and a poplar). They can be in a kind bruskov both plates in the thickness 40-50 and width 100-120 mm. Starting packing a log, at first mark the floor basis so that cross-section stykovanie parquet boards it was necessary on a log, and free sves a board at walls did not exceed 10 mm.

It is the most convenient to carry out work in a following order. In the beginning mark lines on a basis surface on which longitudinal axes a log will settle down, then establish majachnye logs at walls and in an interval between them through 2-2,4 m, using for this purpose level, and then stack intermediate logs. After that perpendicularly to logs pull a cord and on it establish and attach the first parquet board which should defend from a wall on distance of 10-15 mm. The board should settle down a groove to the following board. In the bottom side of a groove naklonno, in a place of crossing with everyone lagoj, hammer in nails in length of 40-50 mm, and hats utaplivajut with the help dobojnika. Acting hats of nails can prevent connection with the following board. The following board densely press to the first, connecting them among themselves vshpunt, pulling together them closely with blows of a parquet hammer. It is possible to apply to more dense connection szhimy (a wedge hammered between several boards and skoboj, hammered into a paw).

Floors from a panel board parquet also arrange on logs. Sequence of packing a log on the basis same as it is described above. After packing the log is marked by borders of the longitudinal and cross-section numbers laid along walls on which pull cords. Considering that width of a board of 80 sm, and a backlash between a wall and board edge should make 10 mm, cords should be tense on distance of 81 sm from walls perpendicularly each other. Then establish the first angular board a crest to a wall so that its edges did not leave for lines of cords, and boards of the basis of a parquet board settled down perpendicularly to logs. The board is fixed to logs nails the in length 50-60 and diameter by 2,5-3 mm, hammering in them into the bottom side of a groove naklonno and utaplivaja hats with the help dobojnika. That pristennyj the board has been fixed more strongly and did not move at installation and splachivanii the subsequent boards, it is fixed in addition from outside by walls the nails hammered into an edge of boards.

Boards which on the edge have only grooves, incorporate to the help of the supplementary thorns greased from both parties with glue. In each edge of a board get on three thorns, and on them nasazhivajut grooves of the subsequent boards.