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the Device of floors from a natural and artificial stone

As already it was mentioned earlier, at building of an individual apartment house for a covering of floors of the ground floor, a court yard, etc. A waste received by manufacture of facing plates from a natural stone - type coverings "сЁхъёш " can be used;. At the device of such floors apply usual or colour cement-sandy solutions, and also a mosaic mix with shchebenochnym a filler from the same breed, as pieces of plates. Sequence of operations at the floor device the following. First of all, clear the concrete or cement-sandy basis of dust and a dust. Then carry out a preliminary apportion of plates dry that gives the chance to receive uniform seams and beautiful drawing of a floor. The same as and at facing, ceramic tiles, establish beacons in premise corners, near walls and in the middle on distance about 2 m from each other. Beacons do of a solution, their height is equal to the general thickness of a plate and a solution layer (20-30 mm) on which plates keep within. According to the established beacons stretch cords or along a wall if plates stack from a wall opposite to a door, or on a premise axis if packing of plates conduct from the centre to walls.

Before the beginning of a paving of a plate and the basis moisten with water. On the moistened surface strips the in length of 1-1,5 m stack a layer of a solution in the thickness of 20-30 mm and width on some centimetres of more width of some stacked plates. For convenience of levelling of a solution and reception of an identical thickness it is possible to take advantage majachnymi rejkami from wood in the thickness of 20-30 mm. Plates stack on a cord in a direction "эр ёхс ". That the obverse surface of plates approached under a cord, them rebuff a hammer through a wooden lining which should grasp not less than two plates. Correctness of packing is necessary for checking two-metre rejkoj, stacking it on a surface of plates in all directions. Seams between plates fill with a solution or a mosaic mix in a day after packing. That the floor covering was strong, it is necessary to humidify it within 7-10 days on 2-3 times a day.

If floors arrange on a ground first of all cut off a vegetative layer, level a ground surface, scatter rubble or gravel and vtrambovyvajut it in a ground.

Then prepare the concrete mix consisting of one part on volume of cement, three parts of sand and five - rubble or gravel (1:3:5) which stack a layer of 7-8 sm, levelling and condensing trambovkoj. In three-four days a concrete surface cover with a liquid cement-sandy solution of structure 1:2 or 1:3 a layer 2-3 see Stack and level a solution on majachnym rejkam by means of a rule. For prevention rastreskivanija the surface of a floor and for increase in durability of its covering should humidify within three-four days.

Floors from concrete or betonno-mosaic plates, factory fabricated or by own strength (the size of such plates 400X400X35 or 300X300X30 mm), also suit on a layer of a cement mortal of mark in 150 thickness of 10-15 mm. Packing of plates carry out on beacons in the sequence described for the device of coverings of type "сЁхъёш " from plates of a natural stone.