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Facing asbestotsementnymi sheets

Advantage asbestotsementnyh sheets consists that they can be applied in a summer kitchen on manor, per capita, other economic constructions with damp processes, in a bathroom. Asbestotsementnye sheets, both flat, and wavy, use also for external facing.

But sheets are very difficult for cutting. If a thickness of sheet 6 of mm, at first by means of a ruler and ostrozatochennogo chisels, chisels, a cutting torch, etc. Do a notch (cut) from both parties of a prospective break. After that sheet shift on a table edge, combining a line of a break with a sharp side, and break it. To truncate sheet on some centimetres on length or width it is more difficult. For this purpose do a notch, and then with the help kusachek break off pieces asbestotsementnogo sheet to the planned line. Rough edges smooth out a file or a rasp.

Sheets are better for cutting in the thickness of 10 mm an electric disk saw with karborundovym a disk or a diamond cutting part, cooling their water in the course of work.

At drilling of apertures in asbestotsementnyh sheets use usual drills on metal. Constantly the drilling place as the dust appearing in the course of work and accumulating round a drill, can lead rastreskivaniju sheet thus is necessary to wash out or blow. Apertures in asbestotsementnyh sheets do on 0,5-1 mm of more diameter of screws, nails or bolts.

Apertures bolshego diameter in asbestotsementnyh sheets to execute much more difficult, than in gipsokartonnyh. For this purpose a pencil plan a necessary aperture, and then on perimetre of the drawn circle drill apertures of small diameter with step of 4-5 mm one from another. After that beat out turned out circle asbestotsementa, and aperture edges process a file.

Asbestotsementnye sheets krepjat to a wooden skeleton by means of screws and the fixing apportions made from wooden reek and intended for cover of joints between sheets.

Works on installation asbestotsementnyh sheets are similar to technology of facing gipsokartonnymi sheets. Difference only that for fastening asbestotsementnyh sheets it is necessary to drill preliminary apertures for screws or nails. Apertures do at a sheet edge that hats of screws and nails were covered with apportions.

If the damp wall (a fresh laying), a basement under bruski a wooden skeleton it is necessary to enclose strips of a rolled waterproofing is subject to facing and necessarily to impregnate with their antiseptics.

Sheet to a skeleton krepjat with step of 500-600 mm.

Sheets both flat, and wavy it is possible to use Asbestotsementnye for external facing of subsidiary premises and domestic constructions with placing teploizoljatsionnyh plates between a design of walls and facing.

asbestotsementnyh sheets it is possible to finish the Obverse surface with various decorative coverings. But as their surface not always equal and smooth, for facing is better to use film materials on an underlying cause or 1-3 mm having a thickness: an isocaptivity, linkrust, vinisten, films on a fabric basis. If a surface paste over with films on a paper basis it should be grounded drying oil, proshpaklevat and still to ground a water solution of mastics "…ѕё=шыр=" "+ѕьшыръё" or glue PVA (depending on that, than film materials will be pasted).

If for furnish use bezosnovnye films, a surface after shpatlevki it is necessary carefully proshlifovat.

At pasting by rolled materials by thickness of 1-3 mm it is enough to be limited to a surface first coat.

To Paste over an obverse surface asbestotsementnyh sheets it is possible both in horizontal, and in vertical position. Technology of pasting same as Furnish film and rolled ьр=хЁшрырьш".

is described in section "

Asbestotsementnye before facing of walls by them can paint sheets, is better nitropaints by means of a pistol-spray. To paint easier, if sheets in horizontal position. Thus the coat layer usually turns out more thickly, than at colouring of vertical surfaces that promotes filling of all roughnesses on sheet. Nevertheless, it is necessary to watch that the paint coat was not especially thick.

Technology of drawing of a paint dispersion the usual. At use asbestotsementnyh sheets in furnish of walls or modular partitions of summer premises it is possible to cover their obverse surface various pastovymi with structures, receiving an impressive surface "яюф °ѕсѕ" kamnevidnuju, etc. Structures for reception of an impressive layer include portlandtsement (is better white), white or light sand, a ground chalk, polivinilatsetatnuju emulsiju and water. Structures put in three steps: a priming coat, the basic and nakryvochnyj. Last most thin also should be the purest on colour, therefore in it add a chalk. For colour reception it is possible to include in its structure shchelochestojkie pigments (ohru, chrome green, minium, etc.).

It is necessary to mean that the structures resulted above quickly seize, therefore they should be used during 1,5-2 ch.

Quality and durability of a finishing covering substantially depend on carefulness of preparation of a surface. The asbestotsementnyj sheet should be cleared of pollution, oil stains, and before drawing nabryzga - is well humidified. After that put a first coat, and through 30 mines - the basic finishing layer. A nakryvochnyj layer is better to put in an hour after the basic layer will well dry up. The general thickness of a layer should not exceed 7-8 mm.

One of kinds of decorative furnish of sheets is kamnevidnaja the invoice. Before drawing rastvornogo a layer an obverse surface of sheet ground liquid glass with addition of 10% kaolina. On the dried out ground put binding (liquid glass and kaolin in the ratio 2:1) a layer of 2,5-3 mm, and then the decorative layer prepared from damp sea or river sand in the size of grains of 3-5 mm and white cement in the ratio 1:3. It slightly ram on all surface of sheet and after drying fix 25%-s' solution emulsii PVA. Instead of sand it is possible to use droblenuju a crumb marble (elimination) or other natural stone in the sizes of grains of 2-3 mm with addition of pigments.

Furnish of surfaces asbestotsementnyh sheets can be carried out in the listed ways and after their fastening on a wall. In this case joints shpatljujut cement-sandy mastics, glue a gauze or mitkalju, carefully grind. However at pasting by films on fabric or paper bases places of joining of sheets will be inevitably appreciable. Therefore it is better to use a covering of a considerable thickness.

Impressive furnish in this case will well cover places of joints. But as asbestotsementnye sheets well react on temperaturno-vlazhnostnye changes in a premise, inevitably there will be cracks. For such kind of furnish cover of joints by apportions the most effective way.

Asbestotsementnye can revet sheets also ceramic glazurovannymi or polymeric tiles.

For their gluing use the mastic consisting of 1 part polivinilatsetatnoj emulsii; 1,5-2 parts portlandtsementa and a water small amount (0,2-0,3 parts).

For fastening of ceramic tiles karboksitsementno-sandy mastic which consists of 20 parts portlandtsementa marks 400, 60 sand and 20 parts of 3%-s' solutions obojnogo glue KMTS is suitable also. Prepare it so. In preliminary prepared (not earlier than 12 hours prior to the use) a water solution of glue KMTS (KMTS: water in the ratio 1:30) enter in the small portions at constant hashing cement and sand in the ratio 1:3. The received structure carefully mix to a homogeneous condition.

The Sequence of operation by preparation of a surface and facing by tiles on gluing mastics is resulted in section " Facing яыш=ърьш".