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Facing glazurovannymi ceramic tiles (ch. 2)

Ceramic glazurovannye tiles on mastic stack, as a rule, on earlier plastered surfaces, but it is possible and on concrete, asbestotsementnye, drevesnostruzhechnye and others. The main thing that the surface was equal and provided dense prileganie to it of tiles as a thin layer of glues and mastics it is impossible to level a surface as it becomes at fastening by means of a cement-sandy solution.

As gluing structures use "Р=шЁю-2¦" "…ѕё=шыр=" "…ѕ=шыръё" glue on the basis of PVA, epoksidnyj glue and others. Practice shows that good gluing qualities characterise structure on the basis of PVA with cement addition (one part of cement on volume on 5-6 parts PVA), "…ѕ=шыръё" with cement or chalk addition. Introduction napolnitelej (cement, a chalk) in gluing structures allows to increase a thickness of a gluing layer and by that to provide dense prileganie tiles to the basis.

Technological operations on facing by tiles on mastics are carried out in the same sequence, as well as at facing on solutions. On the prepared surface and the back party of a tile put gear shpatelem mastic a layer which thickness is equal 1,5-S mm depending on quality of the prepared surface. Then a tile densely press to a surface taking into account beacons, a cord and before the laid tiles. Surpluses of mastic remove a shovel, aиспачканные places wipe rags. After shvatyvanija seams fill mastics with a cement-sandy solution.

Before floor facing stack majachnye tiles on which its level will be defined subsequently. For this purpose on walls do marks of level of a floor, then on corners about walls on a plaster solution stack majachnye tiles: at first in the area of a mark the tile in one of premise corners is established, then with the help rejki and the level laid on rejku, a tile in other corner etc.

After that it is necessary to moisten a coupler with water and to put a solution a strip between majachnymi numbers. Each tile stack in a solution and rebuff the handle of a shovel to beacon level. Having laid some tiles among, on them and on beacons put a rule and hammer blows on it definitively level tiles. After nastilki tiles on all surface of a floor majachnye tiles remove, and a plaster solution vyrubyvajut. Empty places fill with tiles on a solution.

Correctness of packing of tiles can be checked up, having spent a shovel cloth on a floor surface.

In two-three days after the work termination it is necessary to fill seams between tiles (they should not exceed 2-3 mm). On the cleared surface of a floor spread a liquid solution or the cement dough, and then by means of a brush fill seams. After shvatyvanija a solution in 2-3 days a surface wash out water and wipe.

External surfaces of walls revet with numbers of tiles from below upwards on a cement-sandy solution of structure 1:4. A solution kelmoj put on a tile, stacking it piramidkoj. Then a tile, pristukivaja, drive into the corner, equalling on majachnoj or before the laid. For reception of equal and identical seams use wedges or rejki, equal to width of a seam. After hardening of a solution wedges are taken out, and seams are filled with a solution. It is necessary to mean that before solution drawing it is necessary to moisten a plane of a wall and a tile.

The Surface of a wall from a silicate brick is preliminary necessary for fitting a metal grid and to fix it in laying seams. For fastening of tiles use a structure solution 1:3.

At facing of walls by kovrovo-mosaic tiles, first of all, it is necessary to put a layer of a cement-sandy solution of structure 1:3 in the thickness of 4-5 mm. Then a rug stack in a layer svezhenanesennogo a solution and press to the basis. For the second day after shvatyvanija a solution a paper moisten with water and remove from tiles. Seams between tiles fill with a solution.

Apertures in walls for installation of stoppers is better to arrange in seams. Them carry out an electric or manual drill with a drill with pobeditovym a tip. Such drill it is possible to drill apertures and in the tile attached to a wall on a cement-sandy solution. For this purpose on an aperture place do a notch by a punch edge that the drill did not slide on glazurovannoj tile surfaces. In the course of its work it is necessary to cool periodically water. In the drilled aperture in diameter 5-6 and depth of 25-30 mm establish plastic djubel, a wooden stopper, etc.