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Facing glass and polistirolnymi tiles

Technology of facing by glass tiles same, as well as ceramic. However some differences are. For example, for maintenance of more reliable coupling of tiles with a solution or mastic their back surface is recommended to be processed an emery paper, having given it thereby the big roughness. It is possible to cover also an underside of tiles with liquid glass, and then prisypat dry coarse-grained sand. At facing on a cement mortal glass tiles, unlike ceramic, nestle and levelled without pristukivanija by the shovel handle.

For facing of subsidiary premises on manor of an individual apartment house it is possible to use the tiles made of glass and painted from the inside by oil, cement, silicate and other paints which are characterised by firmness to alkali and light. The most proof pigments are a mummy natural (red colour), okis chrome (dark green), umbra natural (brown), soot gas (black), ohra (yellow). Alkali influence on a pigment can be checked up most. For this purpose take 2-3 g a pigment, pour out it in 5%-s' solution kausticheskoj soda. Through 5-6 ch compare brightness of colour of a pigment and the solution dried up on a white paper.

For manufacturing of facing tiles sheet glass cut steklorezom on tiles in the size 150X150 mm. It is possible to choose and other size. Sides of the cut tiles process an emery paper. The back party of tiles paint the paints specified above for two times, achieving equal colour of a painted surface. Right after drawings of the second paint coat on it fill sand which will provide reliable coupling of tiles with a solution. For reception of tiles of black colour instead of soot it is possible to use the fused bitumen which also strew coarse-grained sand.

As binding to reception of paints apply liquid glass into which enter pigments and napolniteli - a ground stone, small sand, etc. On not dried up layer of such covering also put a coarse sand. At cutting of tiles of a place are sharp it is recommended to moisten with turpentine or kerosene. Same do at drilling of apertures. Facing polistirolnymi is carried out by tiles the same as ceramic and glass. Feature only that the temperature in an operating time should be not more low 16-18°ла. Before gluing of tiles the prepared surfaces ground a thin layer of the same mastic, as for facing. To put mastic on a surface is better gear shpatelem with a teeth in height of 1 mm. Paste tiles at once after a first coat. That mastic did not dry up, it is necessary to put it sites the area under 5-6 tiles. At gluing a tile densely press to the basis so that its side adjoined directly to a basis priming coat. Accuracy of the sizes polistirolnyh tiles allows to conduct facing without seams. To cut tiles till the necessary size it is possible nozhovkoj with small teeths; edges to grind an emery paper.