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Facing by plates from a natural and artificial stone

To Revet with a natural stone it is possible both on ready walls, and in the course of their erection. For facing limestone, a volcanic tufa, travertin, dolomite are used.

At furnish of ready walls of a plate krepjat or it is simple on a solution, or with application of anchors. The choice of a way of fastening depends on the sizes and breed of facing stones. As a rule, on a solution without additional fastening by anchors revet travertinom and other similar materials having a large open time.

Thus the size of plates should not exceed 400X200 mm (under condition of packing at width), and the thickness should be no more than 10 mm.

At use of anchors in the beginning establish on a cord the first row dry. Between a wall and the established plates place wooden wedges, verifying each tile on level and a plumb. In a wall shljamburom do nests and establish stoppers into which hammer in anchors of G-G Thive form from a wire in diameter of 5-6 mm which the free bent end insert into nests of the top side of the plates in advance prepared by means of a drill. Lateral sides of plates are fastened among themselves by the probes also inserted into in advance prepared nests. After that a backlash between a wall and the established number of plates close up a solution. As a rule, a solution do not add to the top edge of plates on 10-30 mm. As establish the following number of plates.

Facing by plates from a natural stone: 1 - V-obraenaja a loop in a wall; 2 - skoba, a connecting plate; 3 - the probe (piron); 4 - a hook keeping a plate; 5 - stelnoj a core

a Fig. 31. Facing by plates from a natural stone :
1 - V-obraenaja a loop in a wall; 2 - skoba, a connecting plate; 3 - the probe (piron); 4 - a hook keeping a plate; 5 - stelnoj a core

To provide more reliable coupling of plates with a solution, on their back party beforehand do a notch.

At facing of walls in the course of laying erection it is necessary to prepare in advance a set of elements of the fastening, including V-shaped loops-releases in diameter of 8 mm, working armature in diameter of 10-12 mm, hooks for fastening of elements of facing to working armature, and also probes and skoby for connection of adjacent elements of facing among themselves. Plates krepjat to the working armature established in loops-releases and attached to them by a wire or welding, by means of special skob (fig. 31).

Facing by concrete plates make simultaneously with erection of walls of buildings from a various kind of a brick, ceramic stones, blocks etc. Krepjat concrete plates to a wall on flexible communications, and at level of their socle follows opirat on the strong basis from concrete or a brick. On each plate should be provided not less than two loops to which anchors from korrozionnostojkoj fasten there were in diameter 4-6 mm put in horizontal seams of a laying. The vertical backlash between a plane of a wall and facing in the course of erection of walls is filled with a solution.