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Facing by sheet materials and a tree

In building practice have started to be applied widely so-called "ёѕ§шх" the methods of furnish excluding or partially replacing "ьюъЁ№х" processes - plaster solutions, shpatlevku, colouring. For this purpose sheet facing materials which concern gipsokartonnye sheets, drevesnostruzhechnye and wood-fiber plates, bumazhno-layered plastic, decorative plywood and others serve. Their application reduces expenditures of labour, improves working conditions, raises quality of furnish. Undoubtedly, to perform such works is much easier, than with application "ьюъЁ№§" processes.

However at a choice of materials for furnish of premises it is necessary to consider a functional purpose of a premise and operational properties of a material. For example, in living rooms it is possible to use only dry plaster plaster and gipsokartonnye sheets with their subsequent pasting by paper wall-paper. For furnish of walls and the device of false ceilings in lobbies at considerable height of a premise it is possible to choose drevesnostruzhechnye and wood-fiber plates, decorative plywood. For the same purposes the tree well approaches. With damp processes - kitchen, bathing, a bathroom - it is recommended to carry out furnish of premises waterproof materials which concern bumazhno-layered plastic, wood-fiber plates with a bumazhno-pitch covering.