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Facing by a tree

Facing by a tree - one of the most labour-consuming and expensive finishing processes. Therefore a tree use, basically, for registration of elements of interiors of a lobby, kitchen, a verandah, summer premises.

Starting facing, first of all, it is necessary to be convinced that wood for this purpose is dried well up. Otherwise facing will be jarred on. In house conditions wood can be dried up within winter in premises with good ventilation. Soft breeds of a tree dry up more slowly, than firm, coniferous is worse, than deciduous, the beech, a hornbeam, a birch, a pear well dry.

For facing of walls in premises is better to use boards in width of 100-120 mm, thickness 18-20; a thickness of boards with a decorative relief surface of 25-30 mm (fig. 38).

Facing by a tree carry out on a wooden skeleton from bars 25X50 mm more often. The wooden skeleton is arranged in the same way, as well as for facing, gipsokartonnymi with sheets.

Variants of decorative furnish by a tree

a Fig. 38. Variants of decorative furnish by a tree

If facing boards settle down vertically, a skeleton carry out horizontal, and on the contrary. At the skeleton device it is necessary to take into consideration that in space between facing and a wall there can be a dampness, will lead to facing rotting, it is especially dangerous at reconstruction of basements and the premises located at level of a socle part of the house. To avoid it, the internal space between facing and a wall should be made aired, namely: to arrange apertures in places of interface of facing boards with a ceiling and a floor (at vertically located skeleton) or in skeleton-at bars their horizontal arrangement. Besides, bruski a skeleton it is necessary antiseptirovat - to impregnate or cover with the materials interfering occurrence of decay. Ways of processing of wood are resulted in section " the Device easy modular and transformed яхЁхуюЁюфюъ".

At facing on a skeleton warming of walls is possible. For this purpose a skeleton of 500 mm arrange from bruskov with section 60X60 mm with distance between them; space between bruskami fill mineralovatnymi with plates or floor-mats.

On equal wooden walls and board partitions beat without the skeleton device.

If it is necessary to warm a garret, mineralovatnye plates stack between rafters, and facing boards beat directly to rafters or additional bruskam, fixed to them. Thus it is necessary to give special attention to water resistance of a roof, and also to provide ventilating apertures.

Facing by boards do or end-to-end, or with the device in them of grooves and crests. In the first case for fastening use nails or the screws which hats are visible on an obverse surface of furnish. Therefore, that furnish was beautiful, the distance between hats should be identical. Is better to use the chromeplated screws with a semicircular head.

Other way - fastening by nails with removed with the help kusachek hats. In this case on a board surface there is a small dent from a nail which hides in wood. Such dent shpatljuetsja also is accurately painted over subsequently under colour of wood.

The Boards having a groove and a crest, allow to carry out facing in such a manner that nails are not visible on a surface of boards.

At facing by a tree of external surfaces it is necessary to adhere to the main condition - to exclude penetration of a moisture into wood and under facing. Therefore at a horizontal arrangement the top board should block partially bottom, i.e. To keep within vnahlestku. If boards incorporate in the way "°шя - ярч" the top profile should have a configuration providing a drain of water on an underlaying board by which always do with a thorn (crest) and skosom for water drainage.

To prevent koroblenie boards, them krepjat one number of nails or screws; horizontal cuts of boards from the inside also prevent them koroblenie and rastreskivanie.

At vertical facing by boards by way "°шя - ярч" seams cover nashchelnikom. Thus facing boards krepjat the zinced nails or screws in the middle in one number, and nashchelniki, sufficiently] blocking a seam, attach to thorns. Nashchelnik, beaten to two adjacent boards, can break at koroblenii facings.

Facing boards cover with a transparent varnish more often. It is necessary to apply to external furnish only the varnishes specially intended for this purpose (for example, oil). External facing also cover with paints for external works (the section " Painting Ёрсю=№" see;).

In certain cases, for giving bolshej decorative effects to boards from coniferous breeds, preliminary process their surface a blowtorch. Thus it is necessary to consider that the lamp flame should have uniform lilac colouring as at roasting by yellow fire the surface becomes covered by soot. A lamp hold so that the torch end concerned a surface of boards. Move a flame with uniform speed, watching that wood drawing was uniform.

For board roasting it is necessary to put on an equal surface in horizontal position, and then to beat them to a skeleton in the same order in what they burnt. Some masters cover the processed surface with a colourless varnish.