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Furnish by film and rolled materials

At new building, and also at repair of premises apply various film and rolled materials which wall-paper, films on paper and fabric bases, bezosnovnye film polyvinyl-hloridnye, linkrust, vinisten, penoplen and other materials concerns. They became more popular for furnish of premises, than colouring. Wall-paper giving to a premise warm and a cosiness use special popularity, allowing to receive the necessary decorative decision of an interior; besides, work with wall-paper is simple, with it any master can consult. Wall-paper, as well as other film and rolled materials, are characterised by more long service life, than glutinous painting. Advantage of wall-paper also that it is easier to replace the polluted or damaged places of this furnish with new materials than to pick up necessary colour of painting of a site of a surface of a wall or a ceiling.