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Glass works (ch. 2)

Insert glasses into window covers and doors before colouring of their surfaces. Folds of covers and doors are necessary for clearing carefully of a dirt, old putty, etc., it is good to wash out, and if windows or a door new, them it is necessary proolifit. It is necessary to remember that it is impossible to glaze damp covers. Before glass installation on a surface of folds put a layer of putty in the thickness of 2-3 mm which provides dense prileganie glasses, levelling bugorki and hollows. It is necessary also that glass did not vibrate at a strong wind, and during a rain water did not get into backlashes between folds and glass and did not cause rotting of covers or formation of cracks on glass at freezing in water backlashes. Glass in the beginning establish on falets the bottom edge, and then slightly press hands that putty has in regular intervals dispersed on folds and closed them on 75-80%. Between glasses and a fold board the backlash in width not less than 2 mm should be left.

Strengthen glass usually round wire hairpins in the thickness of 1-2 mm. Of 17-20 mm unbend the end of a wire in length at an angle 90° put to a fold and hammer on depth of 8-10 mm a chisel lateral face blows sliding on glass. After that the remained wire break off or bite off.

Glass should not rest the edge against a hairpin: it can lead to formation in it of cracks at swelling of window covers. At promazyvanii hairpin folds it is necessary to close completely a putty layer (fig. 12).

Indoors, where insert glasses, the temperature should be not below 15 S.Pri to lower temperature putty periodically warm up in hot water to 30-40°Р. Putty in folds level a chisel which for simplification of work from time to time lower in pure water.

Putty can be bought ready or to make most of a chalk and drying oil. For this purpose take 8 parts on weight of a chalk and 2,8 parts of natural drying oil. On sheet of iron or plywood fill a chalk in the form of a hill, do in it deepening, pour in it drying oil and shpatelem carefully mix. Sticky testoobraznaja the weight as a result should turn out. Then on sheet fill a new portion swept in the thickness about 10 mm, stack on it the received weight and roll out until the weight will not cease to stick to hands. Putty should be homogeneous, without chalk and drying oil layers.

Osteklenie of wooden covers: and - wooden cover; - prodab of a fold putty; in - packing has flown down with a clip; g - fastening has flown down hairpins; d - filling of a fold with putty and smoothing of seams; e - fastening of glass with the help shtapika on putty

a Fig. 12. Osteklenie wooden covers :
And - wooden cover; - prodab of a fold putty; in - packing has flown down with a clip; g - fastening has flown down hairpins; d - filling of a fold with putty and smoothing of seams; e - fastening of glass with the help shtapika on putty

To check up its quality, take a small portion of weight, skatyvajut in the platen and stretch before rupture. Good plastic putty should have a thickness of a thread in a rupture place. The platen from bad putty is torn, without being stretched.

In sale putties of such marks ready to the use arrive: "ЛэштхЁёрыіэр " "Грьрчър ёшэ=х=шёхёър " "-эхяЁ" and others.

Glass can be fixed and with the help shtapikov - reek the various form, pressing glass to folds. To insert glasses on shtapikah it is possible both without putty, and with it.

In the first case the cut out glass stack on folds, from above on perimetre place cut on the size shtapiki and fix their nails or screws. That glass has not broken up, nails and screws should be from it on distance of 3-5 mm with step of 300 mm.

At use shtapikov together with putty last put a thin layer on folds and on it put glass. Then shtapiki from one or two parties also cover with putty, stack on glass and fix nails or screws.

Instead of putty it is possible to use a lining from a rubber tube in diameter of 6-8 mm, cut lengthways and put on glass sides. That the tube was well bent on corners, in excess places in it do cuts in the form of triangles. Join a lining a wire paper clip. For more reliable fastening the lining can be pasted to glass. A thickness of a lining it is necessary to consider at rezke glasses. Glass with such consolidation press to folds shtapikami, fixed nails or screws. Acting from under shtapikov linings cut off a sharp knife. Reinforced, figured and other kinds of sheet glass insert similarly.

Glass blocks stack how bricks. In the beginning put a layer of a cement-sandy solution, level it and, using level, strictly horizontally stack the first row. Grooves of blocks should be densely filled by a solution. The solution which has got on an obverse surface clean a damp sponge. In the same way stack the subsequent numbers. If aperture or partition fillings high, horizontal seams reinforce steel cores in diameter of 5-10 mm.

Repair osteklenija consists in preventive maintenance of fastening of glass. Because external covers are under atmospheric influence, putty and shtapiki fail much faster, than indoors.

For replacement of putty glass is necessary to take out, clear away folds, to dry them, proolifit or to paint over and anew to insert glass on double putty (a bed layer and a layer on shtapike).

If are damaged shtapiki, it is necessary to replace them. First of all, it is necessary to take out nails. For this purpose between shtapikom and a fold insert a chisel and slightly it press, raising thereby shtapik. Then, having taken out a chisel, lower shtapik into place. Thus hats of nails will act over shtapikom that will allow to take out them easily.

If shtapiki are fixed by screws, it is necessary to clear away shlitsy from a paint and to unscrew screws. Rotted through shtapiki replace new, preliminary them proolifiv. After installation shtapiki paint.