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Glass works

The Most widespread kind of glass works is a replacement of the broken glasses in windows or doors. But at building of the garden house or individual dwelling it is necessary to glaze not only windows and doors, but also a verandah, svetoprozrachnuju a partition, a hothouse etc. Sometimes builders use also figured or profile glass, glass blocks. Some recommendations about manufacture of glass works are more low resulted. They consist of such basic operations:

  • preparation has flown down to rezke;
  • open glasses;
  • it is sharp and lomka glasses;
  • installation and fastening (fig. 11).

Preparation glasses consists in its clearing. Dirty, humidified or with traces of fat glass is cut badly, cut on not enough deep water, at lomke can break up not in the area of a cut. Therefore in house conditions does not make the big work to wipe sheet of glass from both parties rags and if it is necessary - and to wash out a soda solution.

If glass was on a frost, it should be sustained before sharp in a warm premise until it will not dry out, then it is good to wipe a rag or the newspaper.

glass is necessary to Raskraivat without hurrying up, properly having thought over, where glass scraps can be used at a cutting of the basic piece-for osteklenija window leaves, frameworks of photos, etc. With that end in view it is possible in the reduced scale on a sheet of paper to line the scheme raskroja glasses. If it not to make, it can turn out irrational open, at which the considerable part has flown down will go to a waste. In practice of mass building to this question the considerable attention is paid, up to use of special programs for calculation on the COMPUTER.

At raskroe it is necessary to consider that glass in cover should block folds on 3 / 4 their width. Between an edge of glass and a fold board there should be a backlash not less than 2 mm. If, for example, distance between cover folds on length 900, and on width of 600 mm glass for an insert should have the sizes accordingly 895-897 and 595 597 mm.

Keeping of such admissions will provide free packing of glass in space between folds, and also will prevent its destruction at namokanii and wood swelling.

It is sharp thin sheet glass: and - cutting has flown down roller steklorezom; - postukivanie from a cut underside; in - oblamyvanie strips

a Fig. 11. It is sharp thin sheet glass :
And - cutting has flown down roller steklorezom; - postukivanie from a cut underside; in - oblamyvanie strips

Before the beginning are sharp glasses it is recommended to try steklorez on a small piece or a splinter. If on a glass surface there is a thin colourless line, it means that steklorez cuts well. Rough line of white colour testifies to the worn out tool.

Intended for are sharp glass sheet stack on the equal basis of a workbench or a table. If cuts it is necessary to make a little, under glass it is possible to enclose a sheet of paper with the scheme raskroja. Straight lines cut by means of a wooden ruler, rejki or the drawing T-square. Quality glasses substantially are sharp depends on correctness of performance of all operations. Steklorez it is necessary to hold in vertical position. To begin rezku follows from cloth far-away country, and to spend a roller along a ruler, in regular intervals pressing glass (it is necessary to spend only once). When all conditions are executed and steklorez in a good condition, glass at cutting publishes weak crackling. If steklorez sharp, but the cut is impossible, the roller is recommended to be dipped into kerosene. When nevertheless the cut from the first has not turned out, it is necessary to make repeated from a glass underside.

For increase in depth of a cut glass from an underside strictly in the area of a cut tap a frame stekloreza. Break glass more often about a table edge or a workbench, having moved sheet on edge. One hand press glass to a table, and another take for overhanging end press it.

It is possible to break glass towards a cut. For this purpose one hand press sheet, and another slightly raise its fingers from a lateral face against a cut line.

Small slices or glass strips break off with the help stekloreza at which cuts are made sideways. For this purpose it is possible to take advantage also of flat-nose pliers which sponges put on rubber linings.

If it is necessary to cut out glass of the curvilinear form or other difficult outlines, under it enclose a sheet of paper or plywood with the scheme raskroja. However not everyone can cut glass thus. Is better to make special templates of plywood or a wood-fiber plate. For a cutting of round glass produce a template in the form of a circle, stack it on glass and lead round diamond steklorezom. In that place where the cut is most close to a sheet edge, do radial cuts and break off a slice behind a slice until the circle of the correct form will turn out.

By means of roller stekloreza to cut out glass of a round outline it is much more difficult. In this case first of all cut out a square which parties concern a circle, then cut off corners, receive a polygon etc. Until the circle is formed. Rough edges of a circle grind.

To cut the reinforced glass, in the beginning on its smooth party spend a cut line roller steklorezom. After that any sharp tool from a firm alloy protsarapyvajut in the area of a cut a flute to the grid. Then glass overturn and break. A wire cautiously cut or bite off.

Figured and corrugated glass is cut the same as also usual with that difference that a cut line put on the smooth party.

At manufacturing of glasses for a bookcase, glass shelves, etc. It is necessary to polish carefully by means of a grinding circle their sides. At a circle choice consider a thickness of glass: the it is more, the be larger granularity of a grinding circle can. At work it is necessary to humidify a circle, that glass not rastreskivalos. At processing it hold at a small angle to a circle surface that prevents skoly sides. It is possible to grind as well manually, constantly moistening brusok with water.

Definitive polishing of sides do by diamond or other polishing paste.