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Installation of a hardware

Loops on doors, windows and window leaves attach to edges obvjazok cloths and window shutters. Two loops on a door cloth and a window shutter more often establish. In certain cases, when doors are executed from heavy wood, establish three loops. Door loops place on distance of 150-300 mm from top and a bottom of cloths. In no event it is impossible to establish loops on horizontal bruski obvjazki doors. Window loops place on distance of 150 mm from top and a bottom of shutters, watching that they did not settle down in junctions bruskov. Loops necessarily should run into a body obvjazki zapodlitso with its surface. For this purpose in the beginning mark installation sites of loops, outline a contour of cards of loops at an end face obvjazki and by a chisel do the nests which depth is equal to a thickness of loops. After that a nest plane accurately smooth out so that loops densely adjoined to a surface, and attach screws.

At fastening of loops it is necessary to watch, that them bauty (axial cores) left for a cloth or shutter plane and were on one axis on a vertical. Non-observance of this condition can lead to that the door itself will be closed or open. Besides, the distance from edge of a card of a loop to an angular side of an end face on obvjazke cloths should make not less than 5 mm, and a backlash between bautom and a cloth - 2-3 mm.

Vreznye of a latch with handles-shponkami establish so. First of all, mark a handle installation site (it should be on distance of 800-1100 mm from a floor), then do sample under the case of a latch by means of a drill and a chisel and after that bore through a through aperture for a core, on which nasazhivajutsja handles with laths. The latch case establish in a nest and fix screws. Further into a square aperture of the case of a latch insert a square core and after that establish handles with laths and fix their screws. For soft silent work moving parts of a latch grease with technical vaseline or oil.

Handles-skoby place so that at closing or opening fingers did not touch a box or the significant other dvupolnoj a door.

At installation of handles on a door with a dead lock the axis of pads of handles should coincide with an axis kljucheviny.

Unprofitable locks put mainly on entrance doors. They fasten screws from the interior of a door to obvjazke. For this purpose by means of a drill and a chisel it is necessary to do an aperture for the lock core. The lock put to the planned place, mark an arrangement of a forward lath at an end face of a door and a chisel deepen under it a nest. After that the lock put to a door and a pencil or shilom plan installation sites of screws. Lath should be vrezana zapodlitso with a surface of an end face of a door cloth. Having fixed the lock, cover a door and mark an arrangement zapornoj boxes which also attach screws.

Dead locks, as a rule, establish together with the door handle in which there is a chink for a key. The lock cut in a lateral bar obvjazki a door cloth. If filenchataja, it is necessary to track a door, that the lock was not vrezan opposite to an average bar obvjazki as in this case the nest will weaken shipovoe door connection.

As well as in the previous case, first of all, mark a place of insert of the lock. For this purpose it put a lateral face to obvjazke, a pencil lead round contours of the lock and shilom plan an aperture for a key. Then by means of a square transfer the future arrangement of the lock on an end face obvjazki and on an axis its pencil mark a thickness of the lock. According to the outlined contour bore through from an end face of a door some apertures on the depth of the lock noted on a door, and then a chisel clear away a nest precisely on the lock case. After primerki the lock lead round a contour of a forward lath and under it do deepening so that it settled down zapodlitso with an end face plane obvjazki. Then the same as and at installation of the unprofitable lock, a door cover and mark an installation site zapornoj boxes or laths which settles down on a door box.

Hinged locks are hung on ears or overlays which is better to fix to an end face lateral obvjazki doors and boxes. That the door freely opened, overlays Should be vrezany zapodlitso with an end face plane obvjazki and a door box and are fixed by means of screws.