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Installation and repair of windows and doors

Windows from wood for residential buildings let out in height 560, 860, 1160, 1460, 1750, 1760 mm and width - 570, 720, 870, 1170, 1320, 1470, 1770, 2070 mm. Windows happen with coupled (a series, separate (series) and the separately-coupled covers with threefold ostekleniem (series RSM).

Window blocks in apertures of brick and stone walls establish prior to the beginning of plaster works. At replacement of window blocks in maintained buildings it is necessary to bring down plaster of slopes.

Before installation of a surface of boxes of the window blocks, adjoining stone and brick walls, antiseptirujut also upholster on perimetre pergaminom, roofing material or roofing felt.

Installation of the window block: 1 - wooden wedges; 2 - a window box; 3 - a plumb; 4 - level; 5 - a lining ie a stone or a brick

a Fig. 10. Installation of the window block :
1 - wooden wedges; 2 - a window box; 3 - a plumb; 4 - level; 5 - a lining ie a stone or a brick

The Prepared window block establish in an aperture and verify it across and verticals by means of level and a plumb, fixing a box in aperture corners wooden wedges; thus axes of blocks and window apertures should coincide (fig. 10). Box warps eliminate by means of wedges; to suppose box curvatures it is impossible, as it will complicate opening of shutters and window window leaves.

Window boxes of blocks krepjat to stone walls screws or the steel ruffs screwed up or hammered in wooden antiseptirovannye of a stopper, put in a wall, and to wooden walls - nails. Vertical brusok boxes beat everyone to a wall not less than in two places, the distance between fastenings should make no more than 1 m. Backlashes between a box and an external wall fill (caulk) on 3 / 4 depths teploizoljatsionnymi materials (a dry tow, felt) and on 1 / 4 from outside premises caulk depths a tow or the felt moistened in a plaster solution.

Zakonopachennyj between a box and a wall from outside premises close a backlash plaster slopes or wooden platbands. From lateral aspect of a mouth of backlashes close up non-drying mastic, for example УМС-50, and then a cement mortal. To a box of the window block outside krepjat plums from the zinced roofing steel. An upper edge plum get in a groove in the bottom of a window box on miniate putty. For fastening plum in the bottom external slope which is carried out from a cement mortal, utaplivajut a wooden lug. In edge plum unbend upwards, and in its bottom part arrange kapelnik.

In the bottom part of an aperture from outside premises establish podokonnuju a board which length should correspond to width of an aperture with the account zadelki its ends in walls not less than 40 mm from each party. Podokonnye boards produce from wood of coniferous breeds in the thickness of 34 and 42 mm, width from 200 to 400 mm. Boards make of several bruskov which, besides pasting, connect in addition thorns or shponkami. Obverse edges of boards can have zakruglenija in radius 12 mm or a facet in the size 5X5 mm. The bottom surface podokonnyh boards antiseptirujut.

From below podokonnuju a board isolate from a laying of walls felt or a tow moistened in a plaster solution. In brick buildings end faces of the boards which are closed up in a wall, antiseptirujut also isolate from a laying roofing felt or roofing material. In wide windows (1600 mm and more) boards in the middle of flight opirajut on the metal arms fixed in a wall.

After installation of window blocks to shutters from outside premises krepjat devices (handles, latches, hooks, latches, couplers-zavertki). Installation sites of devices and the device of nests preliminary mark a pencil. At the nest device in the beginning on its contour bore through a number of apertures on necessary depth, and then a chisel cut off walls between apertures. Devices krepjat to shutters screws with secret heads. For pritvorov windows use penopoliuretanovye or other condensing linings stacked on waterproof glues БФ-2, № 88 after furnish of window blocks.

Windows demand periodic survey and repair so as while in service there is a rotting of window boxes, podokonnyh boards and covers; frustration of interfaces, corners; a warp of window covers; malfunction of window devices, consolidation and deterioration of condensing linings stvornyh parts of covers; destruction of colouring and putty backlog.

Rotting of window blocks happens as a result of application of damp wood, and also at a low insulation from walls. Penetration of an atmospheric moisture into thinnesses between a wall and a box promotes it also, and also at insufficient carrying out otlivov covers.

Windows because of easing of screws of loops Hardly are closed and open more often. In this case screws should be screwed up up to the end. If it is not possible, the screw should be turned out, and into an aperture to hammer in a wooden stopper, having greased with its any glue. After that it is necessary to drill the new aperture which diameter on 2-3 mm is less than diameter of a screw, and to screw up a screw. In the same way restore the weakened screws of handles and latches.

Warped shutter of a window remove from loops and plane a plane in that place which disturbs to its closing. If oslabli angular connections, it is necessary to strengthen them screws or to put new metal squares.

Sometimes shutters demand more difficult repair - replacements one or several bruskov. In this case remove putty or shtapiki, take out glass. Certainly, such works carry out in summertime. The failed shutter should be disassembled accurately. If necessary do bruski the same size and a profile as failed, and collect a shutter anew. At assemblage of shutters, window leaves, transoms it is necessary to watch, that there were no warps (correctness of assemblage check a ruler or a template), and shipovye connections had no backlashes. At assemblage of the window block hang shutters and a window leaf, adjust shutters to a box, eliminating all defects and discrepancies, and then establish outflow.

If between a wall and a box the moisture gets, these places condense with a tow moistened in cement milk, with the subsequent zadelkoj a cement mortal. Besides, it is necessary to check up and eliminate defects steel otlivov. Otlivy establish with a bias aside from a window. Besides, they are necessary for attaching reliably to a box, providing vlagonepronitsaemost in the bottom part of a window.

Apertures with a bias outside or cuts for a water drain in the bottom part of a box should be cleared periodically of snow, a dirt and a dust, differently the moisture can get into a premise.

It is necessary to remember and that consolidation of backlashes between shutters of covers of window and balcony apertures with the coupled covers by elastic condensing linings (penopoliuretanom or foam rubber) on all perimetre stvornoj considerably raises cover parts vozduho - and heat-shielding properties of fillings of window apertures (not less than on 20%), improves a temperature mode of sites of a wall adjoining windows.