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Kinds of easy modular and transformed partitions

Easy modular partitions apply both for time, and to constant division of premises (constant it is possible in houses with considerable premises on the area).

To constructive signs easy partitions share on frame, panel and karkasno-panel.

Frame partitions consist of a skeleton sheathed by sheet materials with two of parties, and filling of internal space with a sound-proof material. If it is difficult to get a nontoxical sound-proof material, arrange a double covering with sheet materials.

The Skeleton represents racks from wooden bruskov, raskreplennye between a floor and a ceiling with certain step, and directing bruski, fixed to a floor and a ceiling. Covering sheets are established vertically and fasten to bruskam-racks.

Partitions of a panel design consist of panels in width from 500 to 600 mm depending on width of a partitioned off premise. The size of the panel on width choose so that between walls of a partitioned off premise the whole quantity without the rest took places. The panel height is equal to height of a partitioned off premise with a backlash in some centimetres for fastening to directing or raskreplenija by means of jacks. The panel also represents the three-layer design consisting of a skeleton and a covering from two parties.

Panel partitions are most convenient for time division of premises.

Stationary partitions of a similar design suit from half-panels in width of 900-1200 mm and the height equal to height of a premise. Racks are attached to half-panel edges from a tree or scraps of a sheet material. The sheets prepared thus are put to in advance fixed on a floor and a ceiling to bars-directing and beaten or screwed on them by nails or screws.

Among themselves panels of partitions incorporate to the help of a thorn and a groove, and to a wall fasten vertical bruskami. Such partitions very quickly gather.

For karkasno-panel partitions prepare three-layer panels in height on a premise and connect them to the racks fixed between a floor and a ceiling (connection type: a groove-crest). Such design allows to mount quickly a partition in a maintained premise with considerable height of a ceiling. In this case panels can be executed from two parts on height that will facilitate their installation. Such partition is suitable for repeated application - it can be moved while in service.

The Version of easy collapsible partitions are cases-partitions which, dividing a premise instead of a usual partition, simultaneously carry out functions of the furniture, a transformed partition.