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Artworks on a tree (ch. 3)

Pirotipija - a way of thermal dressing of wood at which by means of the heated metal stamps receive necessary ornaments.

The Stamp for prints is made of a copper, brass or steel core on which end by files do a relief in the form of the elementary geometrical figure - a rhombus, circle, by stars, etc. For convenience of using a stamp a core nasazhivajut on the wooden handle. At the big set of stamps it is possible to create the diversified patterns and ornamental compositions.

If on the core end on an axis to strengthen rotating cogwheel, it is possible to put the lines consisting of points, parallel strokes on wood, etc. Such lines allow to expand decorative possibilities pirotipii. The tool to which put such lines, name nakatkoj.

To the House master is better to make a universal stamp and nakatku with replaceable cores (fig. 63).

First of all it is necessary to turn from a tree the good handle with a ledge in a forward part that the hand did not slide off. For strengthening of a metal tube in the handle bore through a deaf aperture the depth equal to one third of length of all handle and diameter on 1-2 mm smaller, than diameter of a tube. On the end of a metal tube of 40-50 mm cut a carving in length and saw through in an end face a longitudinal groove depth of 30-35 mm. If to screw on a tube a nut, it will turn out tsangovyj a clip which will keep cores-stamps inserted into a tube.

Each demountable core with a relief on the end should be on 1-2 mm more than internal diameter of a tube. Thus the tail part of a core is cut by a file on a circle so that diameter of an end face was equal to internal diameter of a tube. When a core-stamp insert into a tube, a nut screw up in the end of a carving more close to the handle. Thus both halves of a tube will disperse, and the core with some effort will enter into it. Having returned a nut on the carving middle, reliably fix a stamp in a tube.

Manufacturing of adaptations for pirotipii: and - the device of a stamp with a demountable tip; - sequence of manufacturing nakatki; in - various kinds of stamps

a Fig. 63. Manufacturing of adaptations for pirotipii :
And - the device of a stamp with a demountable tip; - sequence of manufacturing nakatki; in - various kinds of stamps

Usually prepare about three tens the cores bent under various corners from 90 to 120° on which ends various relief figures are cut out.

For manufacturing nakatok it is possible to use castors from old hours or toys. The dotted with their help dotted or shaped line with success is applied to reception of vegetative ornaments. That a castor to fix, the core end needs to be sawn along an axis on depth, a little big diameter of a castor. After that two halves of a core part, preliminary having released the sawn part, heating up on fire and quickly cooling, and insert into the formed groove a steel plate. Then on an anvil rasklepyvajut the ends, and do by a thin drill an aperture for fastening of an axis of a castor. After that halves of the sawn core unbend so that between them the castor with two washers was located and there was a backlash providing possibility of expansion of metal details nakatki without jamming of a castor. The castor with teeths can be replaced by a disk forming at rolling a continuous line. It is possible to fix nearby and a disk, and a castor.

Decorate elements of an interior a method pirotipii so. First of all, on a dense paper a pencil draw a necessary ornament in the natural size. After that on a paper impose a tracing-paper and transfer absolutely ornament contours. Having enclosed under a tracing-paper a transfer paper, interrupt drawing contours on a made out surface.

For dressing is better soft wood which chars at lower temperature approaches. Therefore on products from a linden, an aspen, a poplar and a willow the burnt pattern turns out juicy and picturesque thanks to golden podpalam, arising round drawing.

The Stamp and nakatki in an operating time heat up on a gas torch of a house plate or a blowtorch. In order to avoid a fire or table damage the hot tool should be stacked on linings from a nonflammable material - from tonkolistovoj steels, a stone, etc.

Time of heating of stamps can be defined by practical consideration. For this purpose them heat up on fire, noting time, and do skilled prints on a board for tests. The print should not be too pale, but also not too black, with traces of burning of wood.