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Manufacturing of wooden partitions

Wooden partitions are applied at building and repair of individual houses. In many-storeyed residential buildings it is not recommended to arrange them because of discrepancy to fire requirements. Wooden partitions do continuous, karkasno-obshivnymi and panel board.

Continuous partitions make of the boards in the thickness of 40-50 mm established vertically and fixed to bottom and top directing (obvjazkam). In connection with that that weight of such partitions much more weight gipsokartonnyh sheets, establish them on specially prepared basis or to a deal floor log (if the premise on the ground floor is partitioned off), on a beam (if a premise on the second floor or in a penthouse). At installation across beams, under directing krepjat diaphragms from the boards in the thickness of 50-60 mm put on an edge.

Then by means of a cord and a plumb mark an installation site of a partition and a chalk beat off lines of its adjunction to a wall, a floor and a ceiling. According to the made marking to a floor and a ceiling krepjat top and bottom obvjazki. Bottom represents a board in the thickness of 50 mm on which two parallel bars by section (30-50) Х50 mm the distance between which is equal to a thickness of boards of a partition are fixed.

After that the board on premise height cut (a minus of 10 mm on possible deformation of overlapping), mark in them places for apertures under round thorns, strictly vertically establish and fasten them among themselves thorns on glue. Thorns in diameter of 10-12 mm in length of 100 mm establish usually with step of 1000-1400 mm.

The Top ends of boards of partitions by means of two bruskov triangular section fix to overlapping.

In a place of the device of a doorway for maintenance of boards over it establish horizontal brusok which cut in the boards located from both parties of an aperture.

To walls a partition krepjat nails (if walls wooden) or to specially established stoppers (if walls from other materials).

The Ready partition from well ostrogannyh boards can be painted or varnished. If the partition is intended under oshtukaturivanie, it carry out from nestroganyh boards. Fasten them among themselves the nails hammered obliquely. A partition sheathe from two parties dry plaster or gipsokartonnymi sheets, and then paste over with wall-paper. If it is necessary to execute "ьюъЁѕ¦" plaster a partition preliminary sheathe from two parties to lathing. That the surface of wide boards was not jarred on, them it is necessary nadkalyvat, hammering in nadkoly in wedges for formation of cracks in width of 10-12 mm.

Continuous partitions do also two-layer. Technology of their manufacturing same, as well as single-layered: at first vertically establish boards in the thickness of 35 mm, and then they are revetted with the second layer of boards in the thickness of 20 25 mm, having them at an angle 45°.

Karkasno-obshivnye of a partition consist of racks, top and bottom directing, bruskov section (30-50) H (50 100) mm and coverings boards in the thickness of 19-25 mm. Internal space fill mineralovatnymi with floor-mats, plates or other sound-proof materials. If facing to carry out horizontally located boards it is possible to fill internal space with loose heat-sound-proof materials: vspuchennym perlitom, the dry sifted slag, sawdust (with addition to exhaust and plaster in number of 10-15%). Thus one party of a partition sheathe completely, and another sites on 0,5 m on height, gradually falling asleep a material.

On a doorway place establish additional racks with vrezannym at necessary height cross-section bruskom to which attach a door box. A ready partition or sheathe from two parties dry plaster, or plaster an izvestkovo-plaster solution on preliminary filled drani.

Wooden partitions can be made in the form of boards (panels) which fix between a floor and a ceiling and among themselves. They can be perestavnymi and stationary.

For skeleton manufacturing use boards in width 90-220 and thickness of 30-50 mm. Bruski obvjazok and average racks of a skeleton in all corners and in T-shaped connections fasten on thorns. Wide sredniki and bottom wide bruski incorporate with obvjazkami thorns to a crest.

At selection and raskroe saw-timbers it is necessary to watch, that in them there were no through cracks, zasmolov, dropping out knots and other defects. A raskroennyj material to zarezki thorns it is necessary smoothly prostrogat in the beginning sherhebelem, and then a plane. For giving preparations of their straightforwardness should process from different directions fugankom. All the sizes long in an operating time check a steel ruler and a square.

In prepared bruskah on depth of 13-20 mm do shpunty for installation of panels of plywood. The width of everyone shpunta should be equal to a thickness of a panel with a small backlash.

To Mark and carry out shpunty it is necessary especially precisely, differently shpunty separate elements of a skeleton after assemblage will not coincide in corners.

Panels (skeleton filling) do of plywood in the thickness not less than 8 mm or from the thin boards which have been stuck together in a board. Panels at definitive assemblage of a board insert in shpunty obvjazok or frameworks dry that they could move freely at change of overall dimensions. shipovye connections of boards after trial assemblage dry collect all again with statement is viscous on glue.

Boards krepjat by means of parallel bruskov, beaten from both parties of a partition to a floor and a ceiling. Joints between boards and places of an adjunction to walls cover nashchelnikami.

The Surface of boards can be painted an oil paint or to cover with a transparent varnish.

Partitions of a similar design approach for premises in houses of old building more. In most cases such premises have considerable height of a ceiling. Therefore, that such partition was strong, between a floor and a ceiling establish and fix racks from bruskov. Boards insert between racks and fix to them screws, closing all joints apportions and nashchelnikami.