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Materials and products (ch. 2)

For glass works use various kinds of glass, and also glass hollow blocks. Some versions of glass, such as heat-absorbing, tempered, stemalit (the tempered glass with the painted back party a ceramic enamel paint with heat treatment), vitrinnoe, double-glazed windows, profile, can be hardly used at repair of apartment or building of an individual apartment house. Therefore their characteristics in the present book are not resulted.

The Windowpane let out in the thickness 2; 2,5; 3; 4; 5; 6 mm. The least size of glasses 500X400 mm, the greatest 1300Х750 mm; glasses of 2,5 mm are issued in the thickness by the sizes from 500X00 to 1550X750 mm, and thickness of 3 mm - from 600X400 to 1800X1200 mm. Thicker glasses have the least dimensions 600X400, and the greatest - 2200X1300 (at a thickness of 4 mm) and 2200X100 (AT a thickness of 5 and 6 mm). Depending on glass quality indicators there are the highest category, 1 and 2nd grades. The above the glass grade, the is less on it polosatosti, bubbles, a sinuosity, etc. Defects. Glass can have a greenish or bluish shade. The windowpane is intended for osteklenija windows, doors, transoms, greenhouses.

Color sheet glass is made from steklomassy, preliminary painted in any colour by means of salts of metals. The least size of sheets in the thickness of 3 mm 250X250 mm, the greatest - 100Х100 mm.

Color glass apply to manufacturing decorative svetoprozrachnyh partitions, stained-glass windows, etc. elements.

Figured glass differs that on one or its both surfaces there is an accurate relief drawing depth of 0,5-1,5 mm. Such glass provides full or partial dispersion of light. Colour figured glasses are issued also.

Figured glass apply for decorative osteklenija doors, svetoprozrachnyh partitions, windows. It produce in the thickness 3; 4; 5; in the length 600-1600 and width 400-1200 mm. Figured glass in the thickness of 6 mm let out in the length 600-2200 and width 400-1600 mm.

The Version figured is glass "¦х=хышчр" which has the original relief drawing reminding become covered with hoarfrost glass. Its average thickness of 5 mm, the maximum sizes of sheets - 2000X1600 mm. Apply such glass to the same purposes, as the usual figured.

The Reinforced glass differs from other kinds has flown down presence in a steel grid which protects it from rassypanija and formations of splinters at mechanical influence. Therefore it is expedient for applying in places where the broken glass can represent danger to associates - osteklenie the horizontal or inclined apertures which are over a head, protections of balconies, doors, etc.

Surfaces of the reinforced glass happen smooth or figured. It is issued colourless and colour, thickness according to 5,5 and 6,0 mm. Length of sheets from 800 to 2000, and width from 400 to 600 mm with gradation of 25 mm.

Hollow glass blocks receive welding on perimetre of two pressed semiblocks which internal surface can be smooth or corrugated. Blocks are issued square and rectangular, unpainted and colour. Square blocks have the sizes 194X194X98 and 244X244X98 mm, and rectangular - 294Х194X98 mm. The weight of one square block in the size 194X194X98 mm makes 2,8 kg, and blocks of other sizes weigh 4,2-4,3 kg.

Glass blocks apply to the device svetoprozrachnyh partitions and filling of light apertures.

The loops locking and auxiliary devices, handles concern a hardware. They are produced from a steel, polymeric materials, aluminium alloys, a tree, etc. materials.

Loops let out waybills and vreznymi. The design of loops of all types provides possibility of removal of shutters, transoms of windows, cloths of doors without unscrewing of loops. Vreznye and unprofitable locks, and also latches are made by the bilateral. Locks with the unilateral cylinder open from the inside a constant key with the handle-lamb; unprofitable cylinder locks, besides, have the safety lock fixing a bolt-latch in extreme positions. Boxes vreznyh and unprofitable locks of all types are completed with demountable covers.

Clamps, door eyes and chains, a window and door emphasis concern auxiliary devices zakryvateli doors.

Handles (fig. 2) share on handles-skoby, handles-buttons and falevye. Handles-skoby are produced symmetric on pads. Handles falevye with G-shaped handles do on laths and pads. Handles-buttons and falevye are made also with dead locks and latches.

Door handles: and - the handle (for entrance and inside doors; - the handle-skoba for entrance doors; in - the handle-button for inside doors

a Fig. 2. Door handles :
And - the handle ( for entrance and inside doors; - the handle-skoba for entrance doors; in - the handle-button for inside doors

All hardware, as a rule, goes on sale completely. The complete set of devices includes screws, screws and pins, and also auxiliary details (if it is necessary) for service of devices in the course of their operation. Devices of the difficult device, besides, are supplied with the instructions containing the short description of their design, a way of installation and service regulations.