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Materials and products

Wall-paper represents a rolled material, mainly on a paper basis. Them let out with drawing and without it, monophonic and multi-coloured. Wall-paper is subdivided into kinds and has a letter designation. For example, the letter And designates printing wall-paper; - printing imprinted; In - printing goffered, and G - duplicated. If the letter has an index "ь" it means that wall-paper is steady to istiraniju a washing-up liquid solution. Index presence "т" testifies that wall-paper is steady against damp cleaning. For example Am, Av, Bm, Bv, etc.

Wall-paper is issued in rolls in width 500, 560, 600, 620 mm and length 6,0; 10,5; 12 and 18 m.

The Industry lets out also borders and friezes which represent strips of a paper with decorative drawing. They are intended for gluing on the top sawn-off shotgun of wall-paper. Borders let out of 15-160 mm in reels in width, in the length 28 m. Friezes let out rolls the in width 240, 290 and 480 mm in length of 12 m.

the Isocaptivity - the polyvinylchloride film on a paper basis is intended for furnish of internal surfaces of walls and partitions. Make an isocaptivity of three types: AV one-colour made foam with a relief obverse surface; BV - multi-colour with the made foam printing drawing protected by a transparent polyvinylchloride layer (these types of an isocaptivity name also penoplenom); - multi-colour with the printing drawing protected by a transparent polyvinylchloride layer. Let out it in rolls in length 6; 10,5; 12, 18 both 25 m and width 500, 600 and 750 mm. A thickness of finishing material AV - 2,5 and 4,0 mm, BV - 0,6, and - no more than 0,45 mm.

The Isocaptivity easily washes warm water and washing-up liquids.

Devilon - rather new material characterised by properties, similar to an isocaptivity. It is made of the polyvinylchloride weight put on an underlying cause from a paper, a fabric, stekloholsta or the made foam polymeric substrate. It is let out in rolls in length to 10 m and width 450, by 600 and 900 mm of various colours and drawings.

Viniliskozha represents a fabric on which one party the polyvinylchloride covering with napolniteljami and softeners is put. To painting and decorating apply viniliskozhu obivochnuju more often. It is a rolled material with a smooth or imprinted obverse colour surface and an underlying cause from tent or other fabric. Any pattern and colour can be given an obverse covering. Viniliskozha is issued in the form of rolls in length from 4 to 20 m, width 600-1140 and thickness of 0,2-0,4 mm.

the Oilcloth a dining room also use for painting and decorating in premises with damp processes. It represents a fabric or paper basis on which one party the polyvinylchloride covering is put. Width of materials - of 870-1480 mm, length not less than 3 m.

the polyvinylchloride decorative film is intended Bezosnovnaja for furnish of well prepared internal surfaces of walls, the door cloths, the built in furniture. A film let out two types: PDO and PDSO. It is a decorative film with multi-colour printing drawing, with a smooth or imprinted surface and with a glutinous non-drying layer on an underside, protected by a special paper; PDO differs from PDSO that has no glutinous layer. Often drawing simulates valuable breeds of wood, marble, a fabric, etc.

Let out in rolls in length of 15 m, width 450, 500, 900, thickness of 0,15 mm.

Linkrust - the rolled material with relief drawing, is intended for internal furnish of walls in premises with normal temperaturno-vlazhnostnym an operation mode. Linkrust is issued in rolls in length of a cloth not less than 12 m, useful width (without width of edges) 500, 600, 750 and 900 mm. Along the edges the cloth has smooth, without a relief, an edge in width of 3-20 mm. The least thickness linkrusta on edges - 0,5, the greatest (on a relief) - 1 2 mm.

Vinisten - a polyvinylchloride rolled material with printing drawing and a relief surface; it is characterised by high decorative properties, can be one-colour and multi-colour, simulates valuable breeds of wood. Than 12 m, width of a panel not less than 1200 and of 0,2-1,2 mm are issued thickness by rolls in length not less.

Glutinous structures. To gluing of film and rolled materials apply numerous pastes, glues and the mastics which choice depends on a kind of a finishing material.

For paper wall-paper variety of special glues is issued by the industry. It is most extended KMTS-N, representing serovato-white flakes. Before use obojnyj glue shut warm water (18 25°Р) at continuous hashing and maintain during 12 ch before full swelling. Before application glue dilute with water to the necessary viscosity providing possibility of drawing by its brush on a panel or a wall.

On the basis of glue KMTS glue for wall-paper, consisting of KMTS and starch in equal quantities is issued also.

Paper wall-paper pastes also glue on the basis of PVA emulsii.

For washing wall-paper on a paper basis apply the same glues, as to paper wall-paper. Besides, they can be glued kazeinovym glue, glues "+ѕьшыръё" and "…ѕё=шыр=-¦".

Polyvinylchloride films on a fabric basis also paste glue "+ѕьшыръё" or "…ѕё=шыр=-¦". For this purpose, besides it is possible to use synthetic mastic "шэ=хыръё" and polivinilatsetatnuju a dispersion.

For gluing vinistena also it is possible to use "+ѕьшыръё" and "…ѕё=шыр=-¦".

For wall-paper it is possible to prepare Glue as well most. If on sale is absent KMTS-N, use glue KMTS. For a label of washing wall-paper on a paper basis take 600 g glue on 9,4 l of water; for the others - 400 g glue and 9,6 l of water. Usual glue can be received also, having used 50%-s' polivinilatsetatnuju a dispersion diluted with water in such parity: 5 l PVA of a dispersion and 2 l of water.

For gluing of high-quality wall-paper use paste of such structure: 1 kg of starch, 100 g 10%-s' joiner's glues and 5-6 l of water.

It is possible to prepare also paste on the basis of a flour: on 10 l of paste 1,2-1,5 kg of a flour and 1 l of 10%-s' solutions of animal glue are required. In cold water presoak a flour and carefully mix before reception of the liquid test. In separate ware lead up to boiling the water rest in which at careful stirring pour in the liquid dough. Then into the received paste enter animal glue. For rotting prevention in paste add 15 g copper kuporosa and 0,2% drills against insects.

For gluing linkrusta prepare paste of such structure: 3-4 kg of a flour, 10 l of water and 2 l of 10%-s' solutions of an animal or kazeinovogo glue with addition 50 g alum.