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Materials and products

As the Basic materials for repair or hanger re-equipment in a lobby, the built in case or a mezzanine, elements of the equipment of kitchen and a bathroom serve sheet, plitnye and rolled materials. To manufacturing of the built in equipment apply, first of all, a tree in a natural kind, and also various sheets and plates - wood-fiber, drevesnostruzhechnye, decorative plywood, drevesnosloistyj plastic.

One of universal materials-bumazhno-layered of plastic arts or various sheets and the plates covered with a bumazhno-pitch covering (the laminated sheets and plates).

From film materials self-glued polyvinylchloride decorative films ПДСО-12 with the obverse surface simulating valuable breeds of wood, a fabric, etc. are most effective for the specified works., and also an isocaptivity.

At the device of various kinds of the built in equipment it is impossible to do without pogonazhnyh products - profile apportions, nashchelnikov, condensing linings.

For furnish of surfaces will be necessary as well различны* paint and varnish materials: varnishes, enamels, vodoemulsionnye paints.

Decorative and operational qualities of elements of the equipment substantially depend on that, the obverse accessories will be how much correctly picked up: handles, loops, locks, kljucheviny. The metal accessories are necessary for selecting with a protective decorative covering - nickelized, chromeplated etc. The plastic accessories are made more often of kapron, nylon, polystyrene.

Characteristics of various materials and products are resulted in corresponding sections.