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Materials and products

Gipsokartonnye sheets, or the strengthened dry plaster plaster-facing a material on the basis of the plaster, intended for furnish of walls, ceilings and the device of modular partitions.

Unlike usual dry plaster, into the gypsum cardboard core enter also a fibrous filler and penoobrazovatel, raising its durability and reducing weight. On a wall revetted with gypsum cardboard, it is possible to hang up pictures, fixtures, etc.

Gipsokartonnye let out sheets in the length from 2500 to 4800, width 600 and 1200, thickness 8, 10, 1 2, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 25 mm.

The Cardboard surface of sheets is the good basis for drawing of paint and varnish coverings and pasting by wall-paper.

Gipsokartonnye sheets are easily cut by a sharp knife, sawn, drilled.

It is necessary to consider, however, that this material is afraid of a moisture, and therefore while in service should not be exposed long and the more so constant vlazhnostnym to influences. Nevertheless strongly humidified sheets after full drying can be used for painting and decorating.

On a basis gipsokartonnyh sheets the industry makes decorative facing panels "-хъюЁ". It gipsokartonnye the sheets cut on strips in width of 400-700 mm, an obverse surface and which end faces are finished by a decorative polyvinylchloride film of various colour, the invoice and drawing.

"-хъюЁ" it is characterised by high operational and aesthetic qualities. They are applied to furnish of walls and the device of partitions in premises in which there are no damp processes.

Drevesnostruzhechnye of a plate (DSP) surpass natural wood in some physicomechanical properties: they inflate from a moisture less, it is less gorjuchi, are not jarred on, bioracks. They are let out in the length 2440, by 2750, 3500, 3660 and 5500 mm, width 1200, 1500, 1750, 1830 and 2440 mm, thickness of 10-25 mm.

The Obverse surface of plates is revetted by an interline interval of various breeds of wood, an artificial interline interval, bumazhno-layered plastic, a polyvinylchloride film, paint and varnish coverings.

DSP are well processed by various tools: they can be sawn both electric, and manual saws to drill, screw up in them screws and to hammer in nails.

All drevesnostruzhechnye plates are recommended for premises with normal temperaturno-vlazhnostnym a mode. The plates covered with bumazhno-layered plastic or paint and varnish coverings, it is possible to wash with water with application of washing-up liquids.

Tsementnostruzhechnye of a plate (TSSP) - the sheet material characterised by high durability, trudnosgoraemostju, biofirmness, absence of toxicity, ease of processing. Sheets let out in the size 1,25X3,6 m, thickness from 8 to 40 mm.

Cut sheets and drill in them apertures tverdosplavnym the cutting tool applied in derevoobrabotke.

Stick together them epoksidnym glue. At transportation, storage and installation of plates it is necessary to provide the measures protecting plates from atmospheric influences and contact to a ground.

Tsementnostruzhechnye of a plate can finish with various kinds of coverings - films, paints, pastovymi structures.

Fibrolit apply as teploizoljatsionnyj structurally-teploizoljatsionnyj and acoustic material at the device of walls, partitions, overlappings. The sizes of let out plates, mm: length 2400, 3000; width 600, 1200; a thickness 30, 50, 75, 100, 150. Fibrolit it is well processed by various joiner's tools.

Wood-fiber plates (DVP) happen soft (semifirm (AT), firm () and superfirm (ST).

Finishing wood-fiber plates let out the painted enamels covered with polyvinylchloride films, laminated (with a bumazhno-pitch covering). Semifirm, firm and superfirm plates happen to decorative printing drawing (type and one-colour (). Both those and others are issued with smooth, rustovannoj and the punched obverse surface. Rusty, simulating seams between ceramic tiles, have width 3-5, and depth of 0,4-0,8 mm.

Wood-fiber plates with a decorative obverse surface maintain repeated humidifying by water and clearing with application of washing synthetic means. They are well processed by various tools. The nomenclature of plates in the sizes is very wide.

Bumazhno-layered plastic is issued with one decorative party, monophonic or with printing drawing. The sizes of bumazhno-layered plastic, mm: length 400-3000, width 400-1600, a thickness 1; 1,3; 1,6; 2; 2,5. It is used for internal facing of walls, furniture, doors.

Plastic can be applied also in premises with damp processes - kitchens, bathrooms. It is characterised by small weight, gigienichnostju, light resistance. Possesses also chemical firmness to many aggressive substances - to solutions of acids and alkalis, organic solvents, etc. can wash It with various washing-up liquids repeatedly. Bumazhno-layered plastic maintains heating to 130°Р, is not afraid of cigarette fire. Depending on quality of an obverse surface and physicomechanical indicators of plastic arts subdivide into marks: And - for application in the conditions demanding raised iznosoustojchivosti; - for normal service conditions; In - for facing of the built in furniture. Bumazhno-layered plastic is well drilled and cut.

Drevesnosloistyj of plastic arts is produced from sheets birch lushchenogo an interline interval with application bakelitovogo a varnish. The sizes of sheets, mm: length 700-1500, width 750-1500, a thickness 1,0-8,0.

For facing is better to use drevesnosloistye mark plastics DSP-IN which have a smooth surface with a wood structure. It is well processed: it is sawn and drilled.

Decorative plywood let out one- and bilateral, glossy and semimatte. The sizes of decorative plywood, mm: length from 1220 to 2440, width from 725 to 1525, a thickness from 3 to 12.

It is applied to facing of walls of premises. It is well processed by various tools.

plywood is issued by Bakelizirovannaja of next sizes, mm: 1500X1200X5; 1500X1500X7; 4400X1500X10; 4900X1250X12; 5600X1550X16; 770X1550X18.

flat sheets produce Asbestotsementnye pressed and not pressed, with painted or ofakturennoj an obverse surface of next sizes, mm: length 3600, 3200, 3000, 2500, 2000; width 1500, 1200, 800; a thickness - 6, 5, 4 for sheets 2500X1500; 2500X1200; 2000X1200 and 8, 10, 12 for other standard sizes.

asbestotsementnye sheets let out Profilirovannye wavy ordinary (IN) or strengthened (VU) a profile. Sheets IN have the sizes 1200X686X5,5, and VU-2800H ХЮ00Х8 mm.

Let out also wavy sheets of the unified profile (UV) with the increased height of waves in the sizes (1750 2500) Х1125X6 (7,5) mm.

These sheets to process much more difficult, than other sheet materials. As a rule, them saw disk saws with the strengthened cutting part, cooling water. Drill apertures usual drills for metal.

Variety of other sheet facing materials is issued by the Domestic industry also, but they are intended for industrial buildings, in individual building are not applied.