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Pasting of surfaces by films on a basis and bezosnovnymi

Sequence of operations at pasting of walls by films approximately same, as well as at furnish by simple wall-paper. However depending on that, films on an underlying cause or bezosnovnye, are available distinctions at performance of separate processes.

First of all it is necessary to notice what to unpack and develop films it is necessary at temperature not more low 15°ла. If rolls were stored at lower temperature, they should be sustained preliminary in a warm premise approximately 24-48 ch.

Before the beginning of works beat off the top border of pasting by means of a cord rubbed with a chalk, then mark vertical border of the first panel. After that by means of a sharp knife and a ruler raskraivajut panels, leaving admissions on adjustment to plinths and other details. The top edge of panels cut off on a square.

At pasting by films on a paper basis on a wall mahovymi brushes put paste a thin equal layer on all surface. A pile stack on a table of 5-6 panels a face sheet downwards, a brush or maklovitsej put paste and shade it in regular intervals on all panel.

The Top panel put the smeared party inside and hang on specially prepared crossbeam where it should be sustained within 5-10 minutes

Films on a paper basis paste (isocaptivity) vnahlestku with adjustment of relief drawing. Seams carefully smooth with a damp rag. Surpluses of glue delete a damp sponge or rags. Films on a paper basis are necessary for getting for plinths and platbands, instead of to cut off.

Films on a fabric basis and bezosnovnye films also paste to a wall vnahlestku for the width of 10-20 mm with the subsequent smoothing of seams elastic rubber or plastic shpatelem from the centre of panels to edges and from top to a bottom. The pasted panels maintain 3-4 ch, and then cut on a seam a sharp knife or the razor in the holder. The killed edges coat with glue, connect end-to-end and smooth down. After the termination of works by a rigid brush and a warm soap solution delete stains of glue at seams and on a panel. The way of removal of bubbles and swellings is described above.

The Self-glued film should be pasted as follows. From the prepared panel remove a protective paper on a site of 8-10 sm and a gluing surface fix on a line top otbivki. After that from a panel remove a protective paper on all length, tear off from a wall the attached part and verify on a vertical line. The top end of a panel again put in the area of top otbivki and drive into the corner from top to down and from the centre to edges a soft brush. In case of formation of vials or wrinkles the film in this place should be unstuck and pressed again. Definitively pasted film is smoothed with a pure rag. The following panel is pasted vnahlestku with napuskom on other panel on 5-10 mm. Edges should be turned towards a window that the seam did not give a shade.