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Pasting of surfaces by rolled materials

Rolled materials are characterised in the considerable thickness in comparison with film and consequently the technology of pasting by them has some differences.

Linkrust preliminary moisten in water and smear with paste behind once flat bench hammer or mahovoj a brush (paste should be dense and strong, differently it cannot keep linkrust on a wall at usadke). The cloth smeared with paste one of working, standing on podmostjah, a beret for an upper edge, and the second - for bottom. A panel put to a wall on the top line otbivki and a vertical line and smooth. The following and other panels are pasted end-to-end so that it was not appreciable joints and well drawing coincided.

At a label the special attention is necessary for turning on that edges of panels adjoined to each other densely, without gleams. In the top part of a wall linkrust finish wooden rejkoj, covered with a varnish more often.

Sometimes linkrust paint oil or enamel paints. However it is possible to do it only after linkrust will well dry out.

At furnish viiistenom directly ahead of gluing of a panel glue is put on its back party gear shpatelem a layer by of 1-1,2 mm. Panels drive into the corner on a vertical line and carefully smooth. Glue cannot keep a panel at once after drawing, therefore the sheet needs to be fixed temporarily in the top part a wooden lath and thin nails, on one third hammered into plaster. In a day nails and a lath remove. Vinisten it is difficult to glue in corners. Therefore is better a panel adjoining a corner raskroit so that its edge repeated a corner. Thus raskraivajut and the following panel pasted on other wall of a corner. If the joint nevertheless is swept up, it is possible to cover it wooden reechkoj, covered with a varnish.

Penoplen as well as vinisten, it is pasted end-to-end. penoplena it is necessary to put gluing structures on the back party densely. In connection with considerable thickness and a relief surface penoplen it is difficult to paste in corners. That it did not lag behind, in a place of its excess it is possible to press for some days wooden rejkoj.

Switches and sockets before gluing of all film and rolled materials should be removed, and after the work termination to cut out a necessary aperture and to establish them into place.