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Pasting and an upholstery of doors

In apartment also it is possible to finish Door cloths with film and rolled materials. Is better for this purpose approach bezosnovnye and self-glued films, films on a fabric basis and vinisten. They become soiled less and are steadier against casual damages.

For pasting the door cloth is necessary for removing from loops and to lay on two stools. A surface smooth out an emery paper, carefully delete a dust a damp sponge or a rag, ground and paste over in the sequence described above for various film and rolled materials. Bezosnovnye the self-glued films cut on the size, before gluing it is necessary to curtail into rolls and to develop them in the course of gluing, unrolling on a cloth. In the beginning it is necessary to separate partially a protective paper, to fix it on one of edges of a cloth and to unroll a roll, gradually separating a protective paper and smoothing a film with a soft brush and a rag.

Thin film materials should be pasted with calling for edges of a door cloth, and after the work termination accurately to cut off a sharp knife or the razor on all perimetre.

When edges of a door cloth zaovaleny, difficult exactly to cut off a film on all perimetre, in some places it can not be pasted. In such cases on a contour of a door cloth on distance of 20-30 mm from edge do a groove by depth and width from 4 to 6 mm. A film in advance cut out on the width equal to distance between external edges of a groove. After gluing of edge of a film utaplivajut in a groove where then on glue insert polivi-nilhloridnyj or a kapron plait. For this purpose it is possible to use also plastic furniture nashchelnik or wooden reechku. In this case it is necessary to provide a furrow of the corresponding sizes.

At pasting viniliskozhej or vinistenom a considerable thickness, it is necessary to cover end faces of a door cloth with P-shaped apportions. With that end in view the cloth is necessary for cutting and sostrogat a plane on all perimetre for a thickness of a wooden apportion.

If a surface of a door cloth rough and to level it it is difficult, it can be fitted viniliskozhej, without pasting on all surface. At natjagivanii viniliskozhi edges bend on a door end face, nail up, and an end face cover with an apportion on screws with a secret head.

For warming and sound insulation of door cloths foam rubber, floor-mats from cotton wool, cotton wool, etc. are used. Materials which from above cover with leatherette or viniliskozhej.

Before the work beginning the door cloth is necessary for removing from loops, to lay on two stools and to remove locks and handles. An obivochnyj material of 120-150 mm on perimetre cut on the sizes of a door cloth with a stock, and teplozvuko-izoljatsionnyj cut off so that on a door contour there was a free strip in width of 8-10 mm for covering fastening. Nests for installation of locks and handles are necessary for clearing also that at their installation after the work termination on an upholstery of doors of the handle and locks densely adjoined to a surface of a door cloth. Then obivochnyj the material keeps within atop teplozvukoizoljatsionnogo, its edge on the long party fold double and beat obojnymi nails with step of 80-100 mm on all height. After that the covering material should be pulled slightly on width and to fix an opposite side, having combined the end viniliskozhi twice. In the same way, with a weak stretch, fix also other parties of a covering. Under hats obojnyh nails it is possible to put a band made of a narrow strip of the same material, folded double.

After end of an upholstery of one party of a door cloth if it is necessary, in the same sequence upholster also other party. Then apertures in a fabric of a covering are made and locks and handles are established.

For overlapping of cracks pritvorov doors on a box contour end-to-end to an external door cloth (at opening inside) beat the platen made of a strip of a material of a covering in width of 80-100 mm. For this purpose a strip fold double, in the middle put a plait from teplozvukoizoljatsionnogo a material in diameter of 15-20 mm and stitch on length. The received platen is attached to a box obojnymi nails with step by of 80-100 mm.