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Plaster works

At building of an individual apartment house, and also at apartment repair in an apartment house from a brick or other materials there is a necessity for plaster works. Plaster level roughnesses of a laying, close seams; it serves as isolation from pronikanija in a moisture premise, improves zvuko - and teploizoljatsionnye properties of walls, and in wooden houses carries out a role of fire-prevention protection.

Sometimes there is a necessity of repair of the damaged plaster. More often plaster destruction is observed in premises with damp processes — in kitchens, bathrooms, bathing. Besides, plaster repair is inevitable at replacement of door boxes and window blocks, shift or the device of partitions.

Plaster works difficult enough also demand certain skills, and also careful selection of materials and tools. It is necessary to know the basic properties knitting and fillers to make replacement in case of absence of this or that material, to be able to prepare a solution providing reliable coupling with a surface, correctly to put, level it, etc.