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Preparation of surfaces under colouring (ch. 2)

Preparation under colouring kazeinovymi the plastered and concrete surfaces is carried out by paints in the same sequence. It is possible to apply the following structure of a first coat to this purpose.

For preparation of this structure kazeinovuju a paint dissolve in the water which has been warmed up to temperature 60-70°Р, filter, enter soap, drying oil and turpentine (at continuous hashing). After that add a chalk for reception of structure of a necessary consistence.

Preparation under limy colouring the stone, brick, plastered surfaces same, as well as described above.

The Surfaces intended under furnish, clear of dirt and dust stratifications, moisten with water, smooth a wood end face, cut cracks, ground, partially grease and grind podmazannye places.

For preparation under colouring of external surfaces of domestic subsidiary premises from a brick or a tree it is enough to clear a surface, to moisten with water and ogruntovat.

For surface priming under limy painting it is possible to recommend two structures of first coats: on the limy test with salt and mylovar. For reception the first 2,5 kg of the limy test stir in separate capacity in 5 l of water. In other capacity in boiling water dissolve 100 g salts and pour in in the limy dough, carefully mix and dilute with water to volume of 10 l. The ready first coat should be filtered through a sieve or a gauze.

For preparation of this first coat dissolve in 2-3 l kiljashchej waters the planed soap. In soap water pour in a thin stream drying oil and carefully mix before formation emulsii. The received mix mix with the limy test, plant with water to volume of 10 l and filter.

Under limy colouring a surface level special shpatlevkoj.

For its reception at first in water stir plaster to smetanoobraznoj consistences, then enter the same quantity of the limy test and carefully mix.

Under colouring vodoemulsionnymi paints a surface prepare the same as under the glutinous. However for ogruntovki surfaces it is better to use a paint diluted with water in the ratio 1:3-1:5.

To Put priming vodoemulsionnye structures it is better the platen or kraskoraspylitelem.

Preparation under colouring by not water structures - oil, enamel and nitropaints consists in surface clearing, smoothing, proolifke, podmazke cracks, polishing, shpatlevke (if it is necessary) and ogruntovke. If old colouring is executed by glutinous structure, nabel delete; furnish by oil paints which has no considerable damages and well keeps, to wash out 2-5%-s' solution of soda enough. The old colouring exfoliating in many places, having on a wrinkle and crack surface, it is necessary to scratch out. The big area of the damaged surface needs to be cleared a burning out by means of a blowtorch. For this purpose a torch flame slowly move over a surface of a painting layer to vspuchivanija paints which then clean off shpatelem. However thus it is necessary to remember that a burning out the paint only from the plastered and stone surfaces leaves.

The Old paint layer can be removed also the special structure prepared from 1 kg of a chalk, 1 kg of the limy test and 20%-s' solutions kausticheskoj soda. Structure put shpatelem on a surface and leave on 1-1,5 ch, then together with remained paint remove shpatelem. After that the surface is necessary for washing out well water, then 20%-s' solution of acetic acid and again water.

Smooth down surfaces an end face wooden bruska, a silicate brick or pumice.

By preparation for painting of wooden surfaces it is necessary to cut out knots and zasmoly, and then to embroider cracks and cracks. Pitch can be scraped out or cut down a chisel, and the deepening which has turned out thus to wash out gasoline and zashpatlevat. All nails it is necessary "ѕ=юяш=і" differently at usyhanii wood they will be visible on the painted surface.

Proolifku of again plastered walls, before the painted surfaces, and also wooden products make drying oil or first coats on the basis of the drying oil which structure is resulted above. Thus it is necessary to remember that the surface should be well dried. proolifka to not dried up surface can lead to swellings of a colourful covering, occurrence of bubbles, otslaivaniju paints. Grease cracks, grind and shpatljujut surfaces how and in the previous cases.

For preparation podmazki into a glutinous solution enter drying oil and mix to a condition emulsii. Then add a chalk before reception of the necessary pastelike density.

For preparation under oil painting of window covers, window sills, doors, and also the surfaces which are exposed to influence of a moisture, it is applied shpatlevka, prepared thus. Drying oil in number of 1 kg mix with 100 g sikkativa and in emulsiju at careful hashing by small portions add a chalk to smetanoobraznoj weights.

Prepares shpatlevka thus. Animal glue dilute with hot water before reception of 10%-s' solutions. In a water small amount dissolve a laundry soap. Both solutions carefully mix and into this mylno-glutinous structure enter drying oil, turpentine and sikkativ at constant stirring of a mix before reception emulsii. Then, also at constant hashing, a squirt pour a chalk to working density.

For preparation of the damp plaster can be used shpatlevka such structure. In 1 kg of the cretaceous paste received by hashing of one part of water and two parts of a chalk, enter 0,5 kg sikkativa and 0,25 kg of drying oil. After careful hashing in a mix add cement of mark 300-400 to smetanoobraznoj weights. Usually it is required about 1,5 kg of cement.

First coats under oil painting are applied also on the basis of drying oil or is simple from drying oil in the pure state with pigment addition. A pigment enter to avoid admissions at first coat drawing. Instead of proolifki it is possible to execute ogruntovku a liquid paint by which the surface will be painted. It gives the chance to execute colouring for two times without admissions and gleams. For preparation of such first coat on 1 kg of drying oil take 0,8-1,2 kg gustotertoj an oil paint. Drying oil pour in in a paint, carefully mix and filter through a dense sieve.

If the structures prepared thus have turned out dense, in them it is possible to add 100-250 g solvent for oil paints.