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Preparation of surfaces under plaster

For maintenance of reliable coupling of a plaster solution with its surface it is necessary to prepare well: first of all, to clear steel brushes of separate flows of a solution, the rests of a paint, pitch as these materials weaken durability of coupling of a plaster solution.

If walls brick, in them it is necessary to choose to (clear away) seams on depth of 15 mm. A plaster solution, filling seams, will strongly keep on a brick wall or a partition. Seams clear away a chisel and a hammer, a dust will sweep off a broom, and surfaces moisten with water. For stronger coupling of plaster a brick in some places notch, i.e. On a surface form strokes depth of 3-5 mm with distance 5-7 mm from each other. On the average on 1 m 2 the wall areas should have about 300 notches.

Concrete and shlakobetonnye surfaces necessarily notch by means of a chisel and a hammer (axe). New walls from butovogo a stone prepare the same as also brick: choose seams on depth of 15 mm, clear metal brushes and a broom, moisten.

Walls from other artificial or natural stones, except listed above, for reliability of coupling plaster in some cases on a metal grid. For this purpose in a wall bore through apertures and insert wooden stoppers to which attach nails a steel grid with cells 50X50 mm. If the grid is not present, into stoppers hammer in nails which braid with a soft wire. On metal beams a grid weld or adhere.

Wooden walls and partitions plaster on drani. That surfaces were not jarred on, boards nadkalyvajut, and in nadkoly hammer in wedges for formation of cracks in width of 5-12 mm. Such nadkoly remove internal stress of boards and provide free moving of wood at its humidifying and drying.

Dran prepare from wooden reek in the thickness of 3-5 mm. Fix rejki at an angle 45° to a floor so that cages in the form of rhombuses in the size 45X45 mm were formed. Under dran for hardening of a plaster layer, and also for warming of a wall or improvement of sound insulation of a partition enclose rogozhku, felt, soft wood-fiber plates, other similar materials.

On acting corners of wooden designs atop drani it is necessary to place strips of a grid in width of 150-200 mm from a steel wire which will strengthen corners and will warn occurrence of the cracks formed, as a rule, at usyhanii of wood.

Places of interfaces of the plastered surfaces executed from different materials, upholster also with a metal grid with calling on 40-50 mm on both parties of a joint.

It is necessary to consider that all unsteady designs before oshtukaturivaniem should be reliably fixed, differently plaster will be short-lived.