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Repair of facing by tiles

The tiles which have Lagged behind the basis on which back party does not remain a solution, paste various glues, trying, that a relief of the back party of the tile, printed on a solution, coincided at repeated gluing. As gluing mastic it is possible to use emulsiju PVA, "…ѕё=шыр=" "Р=шЁю" "+ѕьшыръё" emulsiju PVA with cement, etc. In the same way repair the surfaces revetted glass and polistirolnymi with tiles.

If ceramic glazurovannaja the tile or the whole site of facing exfoliates from a wall together with a solution, it is necessary chisel or hammer to clear away a place where there was a tile, to clear it of a dust, to moisten with water and on a cement-sandy solution of structure 1:3 to lay a new tile.

With defects from casual blows or the buildings which have cracked at a deposit, it is necessary to replace Tiles new. Tiles with defect should be broken away the small ground chisel, beginning from the middle and gradually moving to edges. If partitions are revetted, it is necessary to be very cautious at removal of tiles as from concussion at blows by a hammer the next tiles can fly away.

The Damaged tiles of a floor also beat out a chisel, clear a place for a solution, a new tile moisten with water and stack on a cement-sandy solution of structure 1:3. That tiles were well pasted, it is necessary to put for 5-6 days on them boards or plywood.

It is possible to wash the Polluted external facing with water or the solutions of alkalis (acids) washing with substances. For example, facing glazurovannymi ceramic tiles is recommended to be washed out a warm 2%-s' solution of soap; 10%-s' solution of soda, etc. At clearing of the facade revetted neglazurovannymi with ceramic tiles, preliminary remove disappeared layer karborundovym around, fixed on an electrodrill, and then wash out.

If on a facade there were destroyed or lagged behind tiles, it is necessary to remove and replace them new on a cement-sandy solution.

In case of absence of a tile empty a place it is possible to close up a solution. At replacement of tiles by the considerable area a plaster layer put on a metal grid, embroider under facing tiles and paint under their colour.

The Lagged behind plates from a natural stone could be attached to a wall cores from korrozionnostojkoj in diameter 4-6 mm. Cores insert into the apertures drilled in a tile and a wall, on depth of 150 mm at an angle 30° to a surface (on a horizontal line). Diameter of an aperture do on 2 mm of more diameter of a core. Apertures are necessary for washing out water, to fill with a solution and to insert into it a core. Fastening places close up a solution.