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Structures, preparation and appointment of various solutions

Solutions for plaster works happen usual and decorative. Usual are applied for oshtukaturivanija brick, stone, wooden, plaster and concrete surfaces. Thus it is necessary to consider that cement and cement-limy solutions use for external plaster of walls, socles and other elements of the house which are exposed to regular humidifying, and also for oshtukaturivanija internal surfaces in premises with the raised humidity of air - bathrooms, toilets, kitchens. Limy, cement-limy and izvestkovo-plaster solutions are recommended for external plaster of the walls which are not exposed to regular humidifying, and also for internal plaster of walls of premises in which there are no wet processes. Clay and izvestkovo-clay solutions are suitable for external and internal plaster of wooden and stone walls in areas with an arid climate and in premises without damp processes.

For reception teploizoljatsionnyh plasters use limy solutions with lungs napolniteljami structure 1:1 - 1:3 (izvest napolnitel). Napolniteljami there can be a pumiceous or tuff trifle, sawdust, slags.

As plaster namet it is carried out by three layers including obryzg, a first coat and nakryvku, in the table structures taking into account requirements are led to each of layers.

Decorative solutions are intended for external furnish of the house, however at desire they can be used in premises (for example, for registration of a wall with a fireplace, etc.). The Izvestkovo-sandy solution apply to the decorative plaster simulating a natural stone - sandstone. The decorative izvestkovo-sandy solution consists of the limy test, sand, cement and the pigments proof to influence to exhaust.

The structure terrazitovogo a solution includes cement, a filler, a pigment and special additives. Krupnost a filler can be various - from 2 to 6 mm. As a rule, the filler role is carried out by a crumb from a natural stone. As the additive micas or beaten glass which give to solutions decorative effect serve.

Kamnevidnye produce decorative solutions from the same components, they however differ technology of preparation and drawing.

Before solution preparation the materials picked up and measured on structure are necessary for sifting or filtering carefully through a sieve with cells 3X3 mm, and for nakryvochnogo a layer - through a sieve with cells 1,5X1.5 mm. The sieve can be made most, using a wattled wire grid with corresponding cells and a wooden framework. The way of preparation of various solutions substantially depends on a kind binding.

The Cement mortal prepare so. In capacity place all necessary quantity of sand, do in it a funnel, fill the measured portion of cement; components carefully mix before reception of a homogeneous dry mix and in the small portions add water with simultaneous hashing before reception of necessary density of a solution. A limy solution prepare a little differently: necessary volume of the limy test (slaked to exhaust) place in capacity for solution preparation (a wooden box, a basin, a bucket); add a part of sand and a few water; components mix before disappearance of lumps then add the sand and water rest and again mix. By preparation of a clay solution necessary quantity of clay put in a box and fill in with water. In a day, when clay will enough be softened, it mix to smetanoobraznoj weights and pour in other capacity through a sieve with cells 3X3 mm. After that add sand, again carefully mix the received solution and filter.

At manufacturing of a cement-limy solution cement mix with sand; the limy dough plant with water to smetanoobraznogo conditions and shut it a dry mix.