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Tools and adaptations

At plaster performance sgraffito all tools and stock with which carry out usual and decorative plasters are necessary. For vytsarapyvanija plaster layers the sharp knife and a scalpel will be necessary. Experts use also a set of the cutters intended for cutting, vybiranija and zachistki a solution (fig. 52). Besides, will be necessary plywood, DSP, the zinced steel or other sheet materials for manufacturing of forms and curves at plaster performance on templates.

Tools for vvypolnenija sgraffito: and - cutters; - skobliki, stacks

a Fig. 52. Tools for performance sgraffito :
And - cutters; - skobliki, stacks

For a carving on plaster professionals use more than ten various tools. But for simple ornaments it is enough to have an ordinary medical scalpel, a chisel, scrapers for background sample, the stacks used at performance of plaster sgraffito (fig. 53).

the Basic tools for carving performance on plaster: and - a chisel; - scrapers for background sample; in - mutovka (for solution stirring); g - a scalpel; d - a vessel for zameshivanija a solution

a Fig. 53. The basic tools for carving performance on plaster :
And - a chisel; - scrapers for background sample; in - mutovka (for solution stirring); g - a scalpel; d - a vessel for zameshivanija a solution

To Prepare a solution conveniently in gipsovke, made of a rubber ball. From such gipsovki it is easy to delete the rests of the hardened solution. For casting of plates and a carving on plaster it is desirable to build a workbench.

For cast products from plaster also will be necessary gipsovka from rubber and a workbench. On a workbench often stack podmodelnuju a plate from the polished marble, a granite, plaster or cement.

Templates for pogonazhnyh products from plaster do of wooden boards with application for facing tonkolistovoj the zinced steel. Therefore for their manufacturing it is necessary to prepare the joiner's and metalwork tool.

For art woodcarving it is necessary to have a set of cutting tools. Knifes of a various kind, a chisel, rasps concern them and others (fig. 54).

Cutting tools for woodcarving: and - semicircular to a chisel; - a direct chisel; in - chisels-kljukarey; g - knifes; d - punches; e - scrapers

a Fig. 54. Cutting tools for woodcarving :
And - a semicircular chisel; - a direct chisel; in - chisels-kljukarzy; g - knifes; d - punches; e - scrapers

The Knife-jamb is intended for a carving of geometrical drawings. The length of a metal part of a knife makes 50-70, width of 20-25 mm. The edge end grind off at an angle 60°. Chisels straight lines are required at performance of a relief carving for zachistki a background and other works. Semicircular chisels are applied to all kinds of a carving, except the geometrical. The width of direct and semicircular chisels, as a rule, makes from 5 to 25 mm.

Chisels-kljukarzy in the form of the bent shovel apply for ploskorelefnoj and a relief carving; rasps - for zachistki carvings. Punches - metal cores of different diameter on which end the notch in the form of various geometrical forms is made - use for reception of an impressive background.

Besides, it is necessary to get razmetochnyj and the measuring tool - metre, a ruler, a square-goniometer, a compasses.

At mosaic performance on a tree it is necessary to have a knife-cutter, tsikli, a knife-saw.

The Knife a cutter in the thickness to 1,5 mm apply with a sharpening corner 20-25°. The back end of the wooden handle also is cut off at an angle 30-35°ла. It use for smoothing down of joints.

Tsiklja represents a rectangular plate in the size 150X70 the mm which one end is ground and will bend in such a manner that formed on all length of an edge of agnails serves as a cutting part. TSiklej remove from a surface the most thin shaving, therefore use it for clearing of a mosaic set of the glue and paper rests, for surface alignment at use of an interline interval different in a thickness and other works.

The Knife-saw serves for cutting of thin facing plywood as the crow flies at the big length of a cut. It is a steel plate with the small teeths, strengthened on wooden kolodke with the handle. The Knife-saw happens unilateral and bilateral. It can be made of a fragment old nozhovki on a tree (fig. 55).


a Fig. 55. A knife-saw