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Tools and adaptations

Tools and stock will be necessary For manufacturing of easy and sliding partitions for plotnichnyh, glass and hardware works. It, first of all, measuring tools, a roulette, level, collapsible metre, a plumb, a square, erunok, krontsirkul and others, and also all tools described above for wood processing: saws, planes, chisels, chisels, the drilling tool. The hammer, flat-nose pliers will be necessary for manufacturing of directing sliding partitions and doors, elements of fastening, rollers, non-standard loops, kusachki, screw-drivers, wrenches, small beards, kernery, chisels, files and other tools, and also a vice without which it is difficult to perform any metalwork work.

The Hammer is better for choosing with a round head in weight 500-600 g - it provides the big force of blow. Flat-nose pliers are necessary for keeping of fine details at their processing, and kusachki - for otkusyvanija a wire. It is better to have tools with handles on which naplavlena the plastic protective cover, allowing to use them for small repair of the electric system.

Screw-drivers for work with metal should have the metal handle which is continuation of an edge. Plastic or wooden cheeks are attached to such handle. At work with a screw-driver important that the end of its shovel corresponded shlitsu a screw or the screw. It will prevent damage shlitsov and screw-drivers. It is better to have a set of screw-drivers of the different sizes.

Wrenches are issued various types; are most universal razvodnye used for capture and screwing up square and shestigrannyh nuts. It is possible to use also keys with an open pharynx. To unscrew and screw up nuts or the bolts which are in deepening, conveniently face keys. Heads of such keys do about 12th and 6th teeth under shestigrannye nuts and bolts. On the back party of heads there are nests under handles and vorotki different designs.

For punching of apertures use small beards, and for a marking of metal details or the centre under a drill - kerner. It, the same as also small beards, represents the metal core which working end is pointed.

The Chisel with sharp sharpening use for cabin of soft metal (for example, copper), and with more stupid - firm (became, etc.).

Files are necessary for adjustment of details, removal of agnails from the cut off corner or sheet, sharpening of tools, etc. Files happen with different krupnostju notches. For rough processing apply drachevye files, for fair - personal, and to definitive furnish - velvet. Small files with very small notch - nadfili are used for especially small and exact works. Soft metals and a tree process a file with a large notch which is called as a rasp. Application for these purposes of the files intended for processing of firm metals, will lead to their damage - zabivaniju notches a waste of metal or a tree which are difficultly enough cleaned off.

For cutting of sheet metal by thickness to 1,5 mm use manual scissors.

Profile metal cut special nozhovkoj on metal. Unlike nozhovok for plotnichnyh works, it consists of the metal machine tool and nozhovochnogo the cloths which stretch is regulated by lambs. Nozhovochnye cloths with large teeths use for a steel and pig-iron, with small - for cutting of preparations from nonferrous metals and pipes.

For drilling of apertures the drill with a set of drills of various diameters is necessary. Manual drills let out one- and two-speed. At performance of great volumes of works the electrodrill is convenient.

In house conditions it is good to have complete sets of the manual electrotool: small on dimensions and rather inexpensive complete set "Льхы№х Ёѕъш" type К-1; the complete set "ЛэштхЁёры" consisting of the electric drive and the complete set of the nozzles, allowing to carry out set of operations on metal and tree processing.

All works with metal are exigeant without a vice. A demountable vice which have the various sizes of sponges are most accessible and convenient in operation. If there is a special premise for metalwork and plotnichnyh works, it is possible to establish a stationary vice on a constant desktop. Width of sponges at such vice from 63 to 200 mm. The rotary parallel vice which is ensuring functioning at any angle is most convenient in work.

In the conditions of the equipped workshop it is expedient to have also and a desktop anvil.