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Tools and stock

Tools for plotnichnyh works share on two basic groups: measuring and for wood processing.

For reception of qualitative products the important role is played by accuracy of a marking at manufacturing of preparations and details. With that end in view it is necessary to have variety of special tools without which are impossible plotnichnye works.

The roulette, level, collapsible metre, a plumb, a square concern measuring tools, erunok, line, malka, a surface gauge, krontsirkul, etc. Some of them are shown on fig. 3.

The Square serves for check prjamougolnosti elements and represents the basis from a tree in which strictly the ruler with divisions at right angle is built in. The sizes of a square 250X160 mm.

Erunok is intended for a marking and measurement of corners 45 and 135°. It is made from kolodki into which the metal or wooden ruler at an angle 45°.

is inserted

Line serves for a marking of parallel lines and represents the metal plug which sharp ends can be moved apart on the necessary distance.

Malka consists from kolodki and the rulers, connected among themselves sharnirno, and serves for corner measurement on the sample and its transferrings on preparations-details.

the Measuring tool for plotnichnyh works: and - malka universal; - krontsirkul; in - nutromer; g - a calliper; d - a ruler; in - a surface gauge

a Fig. 3. The measuring tool for plotnichnyh works :
And - malka universal; - krontsirkul; in - nutromer; g - a calliper; d - a ruler; in - a surface gauge

The Surface gauge reechnyj represents wooden kolodku in which on distance of 25 mm from another take place two wooden bruska. On their end on the one hand there are hairpins (needle) with which put risks. The surface gauge is intended for a marking and drawing risok, parallel to one of the bruska-detail parties. Letting out the end bruska for kolodku, establish necessary distance from an edge bruska to put risks, i.e. Marking lines.

The Square-tsentroiskatel serves for definition of the centre at cylindrical details and represents a rectangular isosceles triangle, to which the ruler is vertically attached (fastens it to the middle of the party located against a right angle). A detail of the cylindrical form at which it is necessary to find the centre, put on a square right angle so that the detail circle concerned the parties forming a right angle. After that, two vzaimoperesekajushchiesja spend the lines which simultaneously are in diameters of a circle.

The Compasses are applied at transferring of the sizes on preparations and details for ocherchivanija round marking.

Tools for wood processing include axes, saws, planes and other tools for planing, chisels and chisels, the manual drilling tool.

Building axes with direct or roundish edges produce from a steel, and toporishche from wood of firm breeds. An axe choose in wood grooves, quarters, process logs and boards, etc.