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Tools and stock

At performance of painting and decorating with application of film and rolled materials it is required a few tools and stock (fig. 25).

The Brush for glue drawing should be wide and with long volosom. For these purposes often use maklovitsy, flejtsevye or mahovye brushes. Them put glue on the back party of panels, and also on walls and a ceiling at a first coat of surfaces. Instead of brushes it is possible to use fur or porolonovye platens.

The Brush serves for smoothing of panels in the course of pasting. Special brushes for obojnyh works are made of a horsehair in length of 40 mm with the basis from a tree of firm breeds in width 400 and height 125 mm. Brush hair should be soft, the top layer of damp wall-paper, especially thin differently can be damaged. The special brush can be replaced wide odezhnoj by a brush with a soft bristle. Scissors for cutting of panels should be with long and fine edges.

the Platen for prikatki joints of the panels pasted on a wall or a ceiling, is used usually rubber or from polymeric materials. If there is no special platen, it it is possible to replace with the platen for nakatyvanija photographic papers. It is necessary to mean that smoothing of joints by rags can lead to their extension that will cause backlog of wall-paper in separate places in the area of a joint.

the Plumb for a mark of vertical lines, a cord for drawing of horizontal lines, steel the ruler, a square and sharp a knife for cutting of dense rolled materials, such as linkrust and vinisten, are used the same, as at performance of other painting and decorating described earlier.

For podrezki damp wall-paper at plinths and platbands experts use a disk knife with one or two sliding support which also is desirable for having in the tooling.

The Desktop for raskladyvanija and greasings of panels of finishing materials by glue should be in the length 2,8-3 m, in the width not less than 0,8 and height 0,7-0,8 m. In the absence of such table it is possible to use the deaf door cloth laid on two stools. Not to damage furnish of a door cloth, it is necessary for protecting a dense paper, and it is better - a cardboard.

Tools for obojnyh works: and - a brush; - the rubber platen; in - a brush-flejts; g - a knife; d - a knife for trimming of edges; e - scissors; - a plumb; z - a ruler

a Fig. 25. Tools for obojnyh works :
And - a brush; - the rubber platen; in - a brush-flejts; g - a knife; d - a knife for trimming of edges; e - scissors; - a plumb; z - a ruler

To Display panels it is possible and on a floor, preliminary having spread on it a paper. However it is less convenient.

Except the listed tools and stock it is necessary to have porolonovuju a sponge for clearing of a surface of materials, capacities for glue and water, rags for wiping of hands, and also shpatel, a screw-driver and an emery paper (for simple unforeseen repair work or pasting by wall-paper of walls with sockets and switches). At gluing of wall-paper will be useful also mobile podmosti or a table.