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The Tooling and adaptations for manufacture of plaster works with which brigades shtukaturov on building are equipped, is great enough. However for works in apartment by own strength it is possible to have a tool minimum (fig. 13).

The Falcon serves for carrying over of a solution from a box to a place of works, for solution deduction in a hand at its drawing on a plastered surface, and also for plaster coat levelling. It represents a wooden board in the size 380X400 or 400X500 mm from boards in the thickness of 18 mm. To the middle of a board by means of the double sewed also a nail the handle fastens. It is possible to replace a wooden board 6-8-миллиметровой with plywood or dural sheet. In this case the handle krepjat to the wooden square lath screwed on plywood or metal by four screws.

(the plaster shovel) is applied by Kelma for nabrasyvanija a solution from the falcon on a plastered surface, and also for otmerivanija and hashing of materials and solutions. Overall dimensions of a working cloth from a firm steel 200X150 mm. The handle with a knee fastens to a cloth rivets or by means of welding.

Otrezovka - a small plaster shovel, under the cloth form narrow, with the sharp end, serves for zadelki bowls, cracks, schistki wall-paper, for podpravki and cutting of profiles of draughts in corners and other works. The size of a cloth 120X50 mm.

a Fig. 13. The Tooling for plaster works: and - the falcon; - kelma; in - otrezovka; g - polutorok; d - a rule; e - a grater; - скре6ок; z - a plumb

a Fig. 13. The Tooling for plaster works :
And - the falcon; - kelma; in - otrezovka; g - polutorok; d - a rule; e - a grater; - скре6ок; z - a plumb

Semigraters the wooden is intended for alignment and consolidation plaster nameta. Consists of the handle and a cloth executed from wood of coniferous breeds without knots. The optimum sizes of a cloth a semigrater 600X110 mm.

the Grater is intended for zatirki surfaces nakryvochnogo a plaster coat. It is made also of wood without knots. The grater consists of a cloth in the size (140-190) H (100-120) mm and handles. As a grater use also steel or rubber semigraters.

the Rule represents rejku section 20X90 mm in length of 1700-1800 mm with handles in the form of cuts in the middle. A rule level a priming coat on a plastered surface, and also check planeness of a surface and the device of beacons.

the Ladle plaster serves for solution drawing on a plastered surface directly from rastvornogo a box or other capacity.

the Metal scraper is necessary for soskablivanija old whitewashing and wall-paper.

The special tool is necessary For processing of surfaces at oshtukaturivanii decorative solutions also. Bucharda, zubchatka, a chisel are applied to a notch of stone plaster; tsarapka serves for drawing of grooves under stone plaster and terrazit and it is produced from wooden rejki into which drive in nails in the size of 30-50 mm; tsiklja and gvozdevaja a brush are applied for tsiklevki terrazitovyh plasters.

In some cases such tools make the hands or adapt the existing. So, in quality buchardy it is possible to use a metal hammer for otbivki meat.

Except the listed tools, the various adaptations used for all kinds of repair work are necessary. These are buckets and taziki for solution preparation, a cord with a plumb for check of vertical surfaces, a hammer, a chisel, a brush from mochaly or a horsehair for surface wetting, a sieve, a grid with cells 2X2 or 3X3 mm, a table for work at height.

If amount of works considerable, for preparation and storage of a ready solution is better to make a plaster box in the size 70X150, depth of 20 sm, established on legs in height 60-70 see

At performance of plaster works at height it is necessary to make podmosti on goats who are easy for transferring in process of end of any site of works. The height of a trestle should be no more than 3,5 m, and width not less than 1 m. Observance of these sizes will allow to avoid accidents by manufacture of works. At small amounts of works it is possible to make a little table-kozelok or a little table-podmosti (fig. 14).

Podmosti for plaster works

a Fig. 14. podmosti for plaster works